Guitar Hero III Mac & PC Australian Release Date? Next Year Sometime

Guitar Hero III Mac & PC Australian Release Date? Next Year Sometime

gh3_logo_left.jpgYesterday we heard that Guitar Hero III for Mac and PC is on track for release on December 10 in the States, according to publisher Aspyr Media. I was curious as to whether the street date would be the same for Australia.

Turns out it’s not.

Try & Byte, the local distributor for Aspyr Media, got in touch today with the following info:

As far as they have told me, the ship date for GH3 (hybrid version) will be the 19th of December. Which is cutting it extremely fine for Christmas, so it may push out into 08.

Pricing has not yet been given to us either.

Not long after T&B contacted me, Activision replied to my email from yesterday. According to the publisher, the hybrid GH III is definitely slated for release in Australia next year. Looks like T&B’s assessment was correct.

Not sure what to make of this. I’m happy with GH III on 360, but I can understand diehard PC and Mac users being disappointed by this news. Maybe it’s time to buy a console?


  • NEVER! Then I would have to buy a HD wide-screen TV also and that would cost as much as an awesome PC setup. So I will wait and maybe one day in January I can become a Super Rock God! Till then I will just have to be content with Crysis. Can’t play that on your consoles can you 😉

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