Knock Knock, It’s Empire Earth III

Knock Knock, It’s Empire Earth III

Guess what can be yours for a cool $89.95?

If you said “Empire Earth III“, you’d be correct. You’d also be right if you said a “hot pink solar charger”. But then we’d likely be asking you another, more personal question.

Anywho, Sierra’s just sent word of the availability of Empire Earth III in Oz. Surprise, surprise, it’s out right now, so rush into a games store somewhere – anywhere – and buy it. If you want.

Honestly – I was a big fan of the first EE, but I thought the second one was tripe. Considering EE II and EE III share the same developer, Mad Doc, my expectations aren’t incredibly high for the third outing.

But I’m more than happy to be surprised.


  • That looks rather impressive for an RTS. Doesn’t necessarily represent gameplay though especially considering the reference to tripe…

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