Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Is Out Thursday

drake_f.jpgI met up with Luke and Brian C. from Kotaku US yesterday, and Brian was pretty impressed with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Luke’s only part of the way through (he’s hardcore for Super Mario Galaxy), and I’m still waiting for Sony to send through a review copy (!), so I was hanging off Crecente’s every word.

It’s good, apparently. Crecente reckons it’s a little short, but nothing that should discourage PS3 owners.

SCE Australia has just sent word that the game is out in Oz on December 6 (this Thursday, just like the headline says), so be sure to check it out. Recommended retail price is $109.95, but I’m sure the likes of JB Hi-Fi, EB and GAME will do you a better deal.


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