Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Is Out Thursday

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Is Out Thursday
drake_f.jpgI met up with Luke and Brian C. from Kotaku US yesterday, and Brian was pretty impressed with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Luke’s only part of the way through (he’s hardcore for Super Mario Galaxy), and I’m still waiting for Sony to send through a review copy (!), so I was hanging off Crecente’s every word.

It’s good, apparently. Crecente reckons it’s a little short, but nothing that should discourage PS3 owners.

SCE Australia has just sent word that the game is out in Oz on December 6 (this Thursday, just like the headline says), so be sure to check it out. Recommended retail price is $109.95, but I’m sure the likes of JB Hi-Fi, EB and GAME will do you a better deal.


  • I’d have to agree with Brian on this one, its great! Definitely picking this up on friday (x-mas party thursday) The voice acting is great and I’m not really concerned with the length considering I’ve played the same demo almost 10 times and still enjoy it.

    It gives me warm feelings inside after feeling cold from so many games that made me simply utter “meh” Hope you get your review copy soon Logan. Its really great to see the ps3 getting graced with some quality.

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