Wrap-o-matic: Wednesday Night

Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility Updates “Winding Down”
Not as big a deal when you consider that they’ve stopped making original Xbox games. At least all 360s have backwards compatibility…

Warhammer Online Concept Art Aplenty
“Aplenty” is an understatement. I’ve never seen so much concept art in the single post before.

GeForce Gamers Get Free Cake From Valve, No Lie
By “Free Cake” we mean “extended demo”. You’ve all got the game anyway, right? Right?

Rumour: Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark Coming to XBLA
Ah geez, why do they have to tempt us with this stuff! Can we get confirmation ASAP whether this is happening or not?

Real Game Boy Bricks (Yes, BRICKS)
I had to do a double-take. Can’t imagine building anything with these though.

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