Work Ceases On Vista Games Under XP Project

fls_logo.jpgIf you think back hard enough, Falling Leaf Systems might ring a bell. It was the company of coders (read: one 19-year old kid) working hard to get programs of various operating systems working in other operating systems. For us, Falling Leaf’s project of interest was the “Alky Compatibility Libraries”, designed to permit DirectX 10 “only” games to run on Windows XP.

Unfortunately, Falling Leaf has decided to throw in the towel, sink, bath, ferret and source code. According to the latest post on the Alky blog by “CEO” Cody Brocious, he just wasn’t able to get the whole compatibility schmoozle to click. Whether this was due to it simply being impossible or too much for one man, we’ll never know.

Or maybe we will. As a parting gift, Falling Leaf has released the source code free, and is available to anyone with the balls to give it another go.

Even though it failed at its ultimate objective, Falling Leaf did manage to get the PC versions of Halo 2 and Shadowrun working perfectly on Windows XP, despite their Vista requirement. So some good did come of the affair.

It is with great sadness… [Alky Project via LinuxGames]


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