Australia Represents At GDC 2008, San Fran’s Like Adelaide

coit_tower.jpgPandemic PS3 coder Tony Albrecht has made one of what we hope will be many posts on this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

According to Albrecht, San Fran’s a bit like Adelaide. I actually found it more like Melbourne, or a colder Sydney (which would be Melbourne anyway). Mind you, I’ve never been to South Australia, so I can’t really judge the comparison.

The programmer also mentioned that Oz is doing a fine job of making its presence known, and it doesn’t involve guns, naked women or Bach:

Overall I’ve been impressed with the Aussie contingent – the number of companies that have representatives here and the talent of those individuals and their companies speaks highly of the Australian games industry and its future.

While the mothership is doing a good job of covering the event, there’s nothing like a local perspective, especially that of a developer.

Hope you have fun in San Fran Tony, be sure to keep us in the loop if time allows.

If you’re wondering about the choice of photo, it’s a happy snap I took of the amusingly-named Coit Tower during my stay. It’s okay to laugh, really.

GDC part 0 [Seven Degrees of Freedom]


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