Did You Win A Copy of Lost Odyssey?

Did You Win A Copy of Lost Odyssey?
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Competitions are fantastic. Except, of course, when they end. That’s exactly what happened to our Lost Odyssey comp, which finished on February 13.

It took a while to go through all the comments we received during the week, and I apologise for not posting the results sooner. Honestly, my job would be so much easier if the calibre of entries wasn’t so high. So in the future, can you guys please just post poorly punctuated fanboy rants*?

(*This is a joke. Please keep the wit, humour and intelligence coming.)

Thanks once again to Microsoft for supplying us with the prizes. One copy would have been great, but MS came to us with five. Which, as you can imagine, was awesome.

So, which five readers had the best comments? Hit the jump to find out!


  • Congratulations guys, glad to see the caliber of comments being so high on Kotaku AU. Enjoy the game, it’s a bloody good one.

  • 1st comment, not worth a lollipop imo, but I can see the bleading heart angle that invokes sympathy.

    2nd comment, not bad, short & sweet and actually about a real issue.

    3rd comment, must have been a slow week.

    4th comment, starts off well, but the second paragraph is a bit weak.

    5th comment, NOW this is the clear winner, hell, give the man all 5 copies imo, this is a real important issue and is well put. Bravo.

  • Now if I had everything MY way you’ll see my name mentioned in a weeks time as the winner of Kotaku’s Disgaea PSP comp (of course that doesnt mean it wont still happen, but it’s only 1 PSP and I’m sure that I’m not the only poor student who really wants to play strategy rpg’s while on the go)

  • Boy, did you guys pick some lengthy and utterly boring posts to reward games to. I thought the competition was to submit ‘comments’ not 12 and half page rants

  • Ah, thanks a bunch guys! Sorry if I came across a little rant-ish (‘go screw themselves’ might have sounded a tad immature), but it just makes me angry when such huge companies seem so uncaring. And I mean no offence to Mark Wilson, I just strongly disagree with his specific point – I DO agree that people who bought the Core unit probably were hoping for a little much from Microsoft – but a promise is a promise.

    Congratulations to the other winners. They are all great comments – most of the content better than mine I might add. Congratulations especially to Negative Zero, that was a great, insightful comment. “The problem is that our leaders are generally 40+” this (which I totally agree with), along with the whole comment really, reminds me of something on Good Game (ABC program) last night – someone – I forget who exactly – made that same general point (that we need to give it time and replace a few leaders) and it was a great watch, which made some great points – and it was on TV! You should be proud.

    Being a (University) student who can’t work all the time, I can’t always just go out and grab every game I think looks nice. So this is really helpful. Thanks!

    Oh and good luck Dark Moogle, and everyone who’s entering, with the Disgea competition. It’s not that writing a comment takes no effort, but to do something artistic enough to win that competition is probably way over my head!

    Email sent with mailing details. Thanks Kotaku Australia!

  • @ H2oGatesy

    Stop crying because I won and you didn’t. Boohoo crybaby….Haha I never win anything so gimme a break.

    Thanks for the free game Kotaku! Admittedly, my spelling and grammar should have been better but I was ticked off at the time due to No More Heroes being censored.


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