Comment + Excellence = Lost Odyssey

lost_od_top.jpgCounting today, there's only three days left to make your award-winning comment and snag yourself a copy of Lost Odyssey, thanks to Microsoft.

With just five boxes to give out, you're going to have to channel Twain, or Garfunkel, or someone creative if you want to be in with a chance.

If you'd like all the terms, conditions and peanuts, be sure to check out the original announcement post. It's packed with flavour, I promise.

Make A Top Comment, Win Lost Odyssey [Kotaku AU]


    What is Lost Oddysey?

    It is not simply a mere fantasy game, it is an .all-encompassing fable of at times the most epic and yet at other times the most humble scale. It is a tale of life, of society, of love, hate, war, victory, loss and redemption.

    Is this game a work of art or is this work of art a game? Is at deserving to be played or do we deserve to play it? To experience it? To feel it?

    The answer in my heart of hearts, to these questions held before us when we think of Lost Oddysey is...


    Is there any point in me winning a free copy of Lost Odyssey when I don't have an Xbox 360 to play it on? LOL!

    Ok. To make a comment encompassing the qualities that would make it "excellent" I would be required to comment on the following:

    The excellence of Kotaku,
    The excellence of said game.

    However, I choose not to follow these convictions. I instead choose, if you will, an alternate path. One that will bring ruination to the eyes of those who behold it.


    I think you'r confused with planescape: torment J =)

    I just fear that I'm not "Japan" enough to appreciate the game if I won it anyway.

    Crazy thing is, you mentioned Garfunkle, just as I'm listening to 'Only living boy in New York', by Simon and Garfunkle...


    Award-winning comment.

    Hmmm, better try deploy my Zombie plan early....

    "I Lov'z u so much Logan! U are the best person in the world!" If I was a dog and u were a blossoming cherry tree, I would totally bite all the other dogs who tried to pee on u. I would! Coz that's just the kinda guy I am.

    Also Kotaku is Hot....

    Sakaguchi! ROcks! Period! Lost Odyssey... Do Want!

    to trunk3h:
    Touché ;)

    Did Logan work for HYPER magazine at any point? I still have my theory that there is only one guy in Australia who does all the games stuff under different names.

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