Kotaku Australia Originals: From EB Games Denial to Warlords Online

ausglobe_01.jpgDespite traditionally being one of the slowest months of the year for gaming news, January didn’t disappoint us completely. Regular Originals member Activision dodged bullets over Devil May Cry 4, I checked out two upcoming titles and a bit of Collector’s Edition craziness rounded things out.

And then, of course, there was EB Games and Microsoft.

But wasn’t that EB/Microsoft thing debunked, you say? Officially, yes, but I can assure you not everything is as it seems. According to our sources, EB Games has something to hide, and each day we get closer to finding out exactly what it is.

Moving on, Malcolm King took a few uninformed swings at the local games development industry, and a trance music duo decided to borrow some artwork from Valve for its latest single. And by borrow, we mean blatantly steal.

I had a chance to look at Prototype earlier in the month, and only a couple of days ago sat down with an almost-done Xbox 360 build of Kaos Studios’ Frontlines: Fuel of War for some multiplayer madness.

An unexpectedly busy month, but all it’s done is made me more excited about the coming months. Now, on with the best!

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