Perth GameTraders Is a Game Goldmine

lostod_1.jpgThat’s what tipster Steve had to say when he sent us in this shot of his copy of Lost Odyssey which he picked up on January 27. Thing is, it’s not due out here until the 8th. Steve was kicked into action when he saw a similar post regarding Devil May Cry 4 this morning.

Yes, it’s an overseas copy, but Steve points out that the language selections come in English, Chinese and Japanese and the game itself runs fine on PAL Xbox 360s. Apparently the store is expecting Advance Wars: Days of Ruin for DS, which isn’t out until next month.

Update: Looks like EB Games has broken the street date for Lost Odyssey today, according to a post at Neogamer. Apparently the game did not come with a “do not sell” order. (Thanks Luke P.)


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