Perth GameTraders Is a Game Goldmine

Perth GameTraders Is a Game Goldmine

That’s what tipster Steve had to say when he sent us in this shot of his copy of Lost Odyssey which he picked up on January 27. Thing is, it’s not due out here until the 8th. Steve was kicked into action when he saw a similar post regarding Devil May Cry 4 this morning.

Yes, it’s an overseas copy, but Steve points out that the language selections come in English, Chinese and Japanese and the game itself runs fine on PAL Xbox 360s. Apparently the store is expecting Advance Wars: Days of Ruin for DS, which isn’t out until next month.

Update: Looks like EB Games has broken the street date for Lost Odyssey today, according to a post at Neogamer. Apparently the game did not come with a “do not sell” order. (Thanks Luke P.)


  • You can grab an Australian copy at EB – they’re selling it from today, both in Perth and Melbourne (my younger brother just picked up his copy). Turok is out as well.

  • P.P.Bohner, are you talking about the PC version? Sorry, I’m only interested in the 360 – the true home of FPS games *awaits passionate flames*

  • Perth Gametraders were also the ones to sell Assassins Creed, Mass Effect and Kane & Lynch early.
    I also think they sold some Halo 3 early too.

  • Generally Gametraders will import PS3 games from the US or Asia if they’re released before AU. They’ll be the NTSC versions of course, so people with SD TVs will probably want to wait.

    The Gametraders in Perth is even running (or was last time I checked) a “Any two PS3 games for $170” deal which is pretty sweet given the recent Burnout/DMC4/UT3 imports.

    360 games are almost always region locked, so it’s rare they can import them.

  • Matt above has it right, i recently picked up Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (japanese) and Unreal Tournament 3 (US) from game traders for $170 (not as big a saving when GT5P isn’t a full price game). They also have the new dual shock for sale for $100.

  • Gametraders do alot of importing. My local one tends to get their hands on alot of stuff you wouldnt find in other places. There also willing to occassionally “bend the rules” for certain customers.

  • Nah They Didnt Sell Halo 3 Early, i Visit them almost everyday lol they opened at 5 at The Carillon store they do however have a goldmine of stuff if your after tins, collectibles anything of the sort please visit either the Carillon Store or the Carousel store in Perth They [email protected]#%ing Rock!!! i Hate Eb you get your games looking preowned as they are all covered in stickers like “TRADE IN” and other crap regardless EB told me that the chances of getting an Assassins creed tin or a Halo 3 Legendary Edition were Very Very Unlikley also JB HIFi which are very good said the same, went to GT Carillon got both of them and for good prices!!! also they have awesome deals like Buy one Get one free or Buy Any 2 Full price games on X360 for only $160, and they get stuff in from US For PS3 also Asian copies of Rare Games, i got UT3 on PS3 at the start of the year and i had Oblivion Goty on PS3 a whole 2 months before the AUS Release lol

  • New record for most comments ever in an Australian post. Also, Brent is right, for some systems, playasia is really cheap. Personally, I don’t care about a wait of up to, say, a week, but why anything should take more than a matter of days longer to come out here that in any other country is beyond me, so playasia FTW.

  • Yeah, I was walking past EB on my way to work thsi morning. I saw it on the shelf but thought it was the stupid “Coming soon” box. On my was past again at lunch I went in for a closer look and nearly ran down some poor kid looking at the GTA IV cases.

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