Live in Perth? Like Resident Evil 5? Here's How You Can Play It

resident evil 5 screenshot.jpg

Reader "Raze35" has dropped us a note to say that the Carillon City Arcade Gametraders store in Perth has set up a Resident Evil 5 demo kiosk. It's fully playable and everything. Of course, it's just the Xbox 360 demo, but you can't download that outside of Japan right now. Anyone else spotted RE5 in the wild?

"Raze35" even flicked us over a couple of snaps he took of the demo - and I captioned them. Kinda weird to be standing at the counter while playing it, don't you think?




    Actually if you look hard enough on the net you can find the ISO and burn it to a DVD-R and play it on any Xbox 360. It just shows up on the Demo's list for your console.

    I wonder how GT got the disk ;)

    There's also another gametraders retailer with the RE5 demo. This one's inside Westfield Marion in Adelaide

    Gametraders Whitford City has had this demo disk playing in store for weeks before Carillon :P

    About 500meg, can be burnt to a regular CD or DVD, and playable on AUS,JAP or US system without any modding or anything. (appears in the demo tab as suggested above).
    In english too.

    The reason it's so close to the counter is the staff play when they aren't busy =)

    yeah the customers / regulars play in front of the counter that way we feel special, GT Whitfords had it after Carillon btw fangirl :P

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