Australia Gets Ultimate Nintendo Mag

Australia Gets Ultimate Nintendo Mag
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Even though Derwent Howard is dealing with the loss of a number of its staple publications, including Official Xbox 360 Magazine, this hasn’t deterred it from populating newsstands with a new rag.

Ultimate Nintendo will fill the hole left by the short-lived Nintendo Gamer from Next Media, which lasted just four issues and went through two editors. The inaugural issue’s cover story is the Lego-powered Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, as you can see from the picture here.

I wish Ultimate Nintendo all the best, given DH’s current situation, but I can’t help but feel launching a new magazine in an industry that’s fighting an uphill battle to retain readers is the wisest of moves. Sure, there’s a huge audience of Wii and DS owners out there, but how many of them go to the newsagents for their info and reviews? It’s also hard to ignore the fact that, along with Nintendo Gamer, both the Australia version of Edge and PC Games Addict have been pushed out of the market in recent years.

Stay strong, Ultimate Nintendo, you have a fight ahead of you.

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  • It might actually be a pretty good move. I imagine that the average age for DS owners and possibly Wii owners would be lower than the overall gamer average and that kids would be more likely to buy a mag like this.

  • Perhaps. Though I think the $9 asking price is outweighed by the relative cheapness of the Internet. Most households that can afford a DS or Wii for their child will likely have some sort of Net connection set up as well, so jumping on for a few minutes, or even a few hours, to read a review or the latest news is financially more sensible. This isn’t even including the immediacy of information the Internet affords.

    I was also under the impression that it’s older gamers who are more inclined to purchase magazines, as they’re the traditional market. Younger generations are more computer savvy than those that came before and, if anything, would be less likely to purchase a magazine.

  • Nintendo Gamer! There’s a name I haven’t heard in years….I have in my cupboard the entire 6 or so years collection of N64 Gamer (the precursor to Nintendo Gamer) and the 4 issues of NG. *sigh* They just don’t make magazines like they used to.

  • I saw this today at the newsagents bagged with a glow in the dark Wiimote condom grip cover thingy, so couldn’t flick through it. Guess the cover thingy may get some people to buy a copy to check it out.

  • The only magazine i buy regularly now is Retro Gamer, mainly because all the retro news while being on the internet is harder to track down unless your super keen.
    I used to buy N64 Gamer, Nintendo Gamer, Cube, Pc Powerplay, Playstation 2 Magazine, and various other PC magazines regularly.
    I just dont see the point any more unless there is a demo that i want to play as i dont use Live.

  • With the number of gaming websites/blogs out there, who still buys magazines? I would assume most gamers, regardless of age or console preference would be aware of the internet.

    I wonder what the advertising/content ratio is for this mag. That’s what a lot of printed media is driven by.

  • As a freelance Australian game journalist, I really hope this magazine is a big success….and that they throw some work my way >_>

  • Yep i agree with Logan Booker on that One i used to buy NMS They went bust i was like What The..?!?! LAST ISSUE!!!! HEY Guys If ya still there why not make a *.PDF VERSION of THE MAG AND SELL IT ON THE WEBSITE [the paperweights i’ve got here] N64 Gamer Still Rocks On!!

  • Wow, first of all great mag! I havent had this much fun reading an Aussie mag since the dear days of Nintendo Magazine System, (or NMS for short) I do however have to say the short life span of Nintendo Gamer was kind of a worry and sad to see them go, it was a very unique magazine, compiling all sorts of things together for our Nintendo hungry minds 🙂 it also had a fun atmosphere to it, but alas, it didnt last lon now did it?

    Wondering what ever happened to Nintendo Magazine Systems last struggles as well.. hearing rumors it had “ran out of funds” from Nintendo Australia to keep its publishing was the main one i have heard.. It makes me sad though, such mags should be backed up.. maybe not by Nintendo themselves but by other media grioups such as Next, or others.. In my honest opinion NOM (Nintendo Official Magazine) has the official side, but lacks in other things which is why i like to read non official magazines sometimes 🙂

    I was able to send Ultimate Nintendo an email attached with a comic strip i made of Mario.. Another Day another Castle.. hehe.. it was published in issue 14 ^_^

    Have i re entered in sending Nintendo magazines (either official or non official) pictures again? The idea did go through my mind several times.. to send..or not to send, starting the hype again? “Is she back”? sort of speculations went through my mushroom kingdom mind..


    No matter, i will obviously back up any form of Nintendoism 🙂 for the good of human kind :b

    Yours in Gaming,

    Natalia Silva

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