Buy Dodo Mobile, Get PS3 For $99

ps3_small_left.jpgFrom the looks of this page, if you’re willing to sign a mobile phone contract and fork over $49.90, not only will you receive a plan from Dodo with $320 worth of credit, but the option to buy a PS3 for a measly $99.

Interested parties will need to fill out a form on the promo page, after which a Dodo representative will drop you a line. The page doesn’t mention which model of PS3 is up for grabs, so be sure to ask when they give you a call. I’m guessing it’s the 40GB version.

Oh, have a close read of the fine print – not only because there’s a lot of it, but I’d hate for you to miss this little detail:

3) Minimum cost over 24 months is $1,197.60. 4) A delivery fee of $29.90 applies.

$29.90 delivery? Madness!

Okay, I was really referring to the $1200 minimum cost. So if you’re only in the market for a PS3, you’re probably better off buying one with an extra controller and a game or two.

PS3 for only $99 on $49.90 Cap [Dodo, thanks Luke & Adam]


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