Show Steam, Ubisoft & Atari There's More To The World Than The US

earth_left.jpgYou know how Atari and Ubisoft recently put up a huge catalogue of their games on Steam? Well, they're for the US to enjoy, and only the US. Be it licensing issues or the huge price disparity, Australia, as well as every other country that isn't "glorious" enough to be the US, is missing out.

While there's little we can do directly, don't let that stop you from join the Rest of World, or RoW, group on Steam's community site. Hopefully the publishers will learn basic mathematics, take the number of members in the group, times it by the average price of their games available on Steam, and realise just how much cash they're not getting by being, well, dumb.

Steam Group - Rest of World (RoW) [Steam Community]


    Everyone else was doing it, so i joined.

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