Australian Stores Running Short On PS3s?

Australian Stores Running Short On PS3s?
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Reader Brendan says that a friend of his has had a great deal of trouble getting his hands on a PS3. In preparation for the release of Metal Gear Solid 4, said friend tried EB Games to preorder the console bundle. Not only did the friend have no luck with the preorder, but it was a no-go on a standalone console. Calls to Big W, K-mart and GameTraders were met with similar failure, with GT going as far as to say that the MGS4 pack may miss its release date due to shortages of the console.

So, I gave a couple of JB Hi-Fi and EB Games stores a call in Sydney and was told that they had units in stock, though EB Games said it was only a few and the GTA IV bundle was sold out. Given the success of Rockstar’s title, I wasn’t surprised.

Even though it was looking like there wasn’t much to Brendan’s rumour, I fired an email to Sony’s local branch. Here’s the reply I received:

Due to the success of the latest GTA IV and GT5 Prologue bundle offers, stock has been flying off the shelves and also, hand in hand with their success, we’ve seen an increase in consumer demand for standalone PS3 consoles. We’re very aware of the demand and are working closely with retail to ensure good stock supply.

Well. Going by this response Sony might have some issues on its hands with some stores, but it’s doing its best to keep retailers in supply. I know things are swell in Sydney, but let us know what the situation’s like around you!


  • Rampant speculation: the last time this happened, it was caused by Sony deliberately bleeding the channel of the remaining stock of a model they wanted to discontinue.

    Perhaps we’re going to see Australia get a new model?

  • I live in PErth City and one of my mates went looking for a PS3 the other day. He was only able to find one in the whole CBD area! Admittedly Im pretty sure he only kept looking until he found one, but he apparently tried 3 game stores previous to the JB HiFi he found it at and they didnt have ANY!

  • i hope we do get a new bigger model soon. i asked sony a few weeks back and they said they didnt have any plans on any 80Gb being released this year, but i sure hope they bring a big one out, 40GB isnt enough, the europe ones are too expensive and the american ones arent the right region or voltage

  • And what did you expect Sony to say? Of course they’re going to tell you they’re selling heaps and that stock is limited but available. “Buy now! Buy now before they’re all gone!”

    Given that your check showed that there is stock available, it’s just as plausible that Brendan’s friend actually works for Sony.

    Or maybe I work for Nintendo or MSoft…without facts…lol

  • **in PERTH**
    The Sony ‘PS3 bundles’ were only released for a limited time. Most retailers are getting more in due to the high demand and the MGS4 bundles being released soon. Alot of games retailers wont have any because the majority of ppl go to them. Harvey Norman is ur best bet.
    I went to MYER, Kmart, Target, EBgames, Gametraders and a Harvey Norman with no luck of getting the GTAIV bundle. Only one Harvey Norman had GTAIV bundles in and i got it for $730[aud].
    Buying games in Australia has become too expensive considering we’re paying 2times the amount the US pays and we get censored version. So we pay 2 times as much and get less. “. Maybe if more ppl bought from online, retailers wud have to lower there prices and get our ratings fixed in this country.

  • I tried to buy a PS3 console in Brisbane the week after GTA4 came out, just by itself as I ordered my copy from the US already. Everywhere was completely sold out, but a few places said more would arrive next week. I eventually managed to find a few with GTA4 at JB Hi-Fi, and I had to settle with that. By the next day, even those were gone, and they haven’t come back since!

  • I went looking for a PS3 last week in Perth – couldn’t find one at EB, JB, Gametraders OR Sony Central…

    Might have to grey market…

  • why do we always get the inferior hardware? even the bundles here suck!

    here the MGS4 bundle comes with the console, sixaxis controller and the MGS4 game for $749 whilst if you buy online you could get an MGS4 bundle with a DS3 controller and the MGS4 game for about $600!

    i’ve read that Sony aren’t even making the sixaxis controllers anymore so basically they’re just bundling the crappy obsolete controllers here in Aus and charging us more for it!

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