Bargain Hunter: Bad Company 2 Now Only Half As Bad

If you've been holding off on picking up EA's Battlefield: Bad Company 2, maybe this EB Games special will be enough to tempt you - and a friend.

From today until Sunday, Bad Company 2 is basically half-price at EB. On PC it's down to $44.97, while on console it's $54.97.

Given the game's multiplayer focus, it makes sense that you and friend can now both pick it up for roughly the same price as one copy.

Who's jumping in?

[Thanks TimmyC for the tip!]


    Hmm.. WoW guildies play this a bit an reckon it's worthwhile. I look at my pile of games (GoW3, Bayonetta, Darksiders, Disgaea 3, COD: MW1, Red Faction: Guerrilla etc etc. Too many!!!) and can't quite work out if I really want to grab it to add to the pile ;)

    This might be enough for me to make the jump, seeing as though steam is currently $69.99US.

    I think I'm definately going to pick this up. Only question is which version. Can anyone shed any light on which one is better?

    I'm currently siding with PC, simply because I struggle to find a lag free game of Modern Warefare 2 on the Xbox.

      Have not had much lag on the 360 myself. Has occasional issue of crashing to the dashboard but I hear the PC version has many more problems like that.

      It depends, I play it on my 360 and I never have any lag problems, but other people have reported some.

      I have it on PC and the servers are fantastic. Plus it just got some new maps for free. I don't know if the console versions need to pay but if they do the choice is clear.

      "simply because I struggle to find a lag free game of Modern Warefare 2 on the Xbox."

      Your problems with Modern Warfare 2 have little to do with the xbox.

      Of course pc is the best version. I struggle to see how people could think otherwise.

        I'm going under the assumption that PC has dedicated servers and Xbox 360 is player hosted. Pretty big assumption as I haven't looked into it.

    Let's take a second to mourn for those of us who bought the game just the other day from EB at $100.

      Damn my boyfriend picked this up yesterday for 90 bucks, granted we had a $50 gift card so it was really 40 bucks. In hindsight if we waited till the weekend we could've got 2 copies :'(

      I bought myself MoH Allied Assault instead :D

        Ahh if you bought it from EB then you're in LUCKKKK!

        Go back and get your money back :) 7 Day Return Policy if you didn't already know of it. It's the only great thing about EB Games... oh and they MAY have some stock that other retailers don't, but not very often.

        So go back and get your money back and walk back in 10 seconds later and say, "Hmm i changed my mind, BUT LOOK!"
        Unless they have some Terms & Conditions in regards to a Gift Card and Refunds, that is if you got it from EB Games.... in which case, i wouldn't put it past them to have some stupid policy on giftcards.

      worth $100 easy. don't feel sorry for anyone, it is about value not cost. i will play this game for 1000 hours easy. i woulda happily paid $100, even more because it is worth every cent.

    @ Mr Explody its pretty good whereever man but personally I like the PC version of this game, Frostbite engine just seems better optimised for it.

    + dedicated servers and all that, its pretty damn good.

    Downside? the server browser is a steaming pile of shit that seems specifically and carefully designed to piss me off as much as possible, they've patched it, but its still horrible.

    For this price? I suggest everyone pick it up, the multiplayer is a blast. But if you're coming straight from CS or MW2 I strongly suggest playing hardcore mode, because on normal it just takes waaaay to many bullets to drop dudes if you're used to the others.

    Awesome deal, surprising to find a good deal from EB. I'll be picking this up over the weekend!

    I got a copy from Play Asia about 3 weeks ago for only $50 delivered.

    Beating the Steam price which is quite awesome. Very rare EB has a good deal like that.

    Right after paying insurance, car registration and rent. How you mock me, EBgames :<

    If you want to grab one I suggest heading to a EB pronto, my wife picked one up today and it was the last copy. At the new price they have been going like hotcakes.

    I walked into EB and thought this was a joke... I asked the guy behind the counter and he said "suprise!". It made my day

    yeah these are selling very well... my local eb didn't have many copies left (especially on 360)... i managed to price match it at GAME and use a voucher I had from points i'd earned... BC2 for $27.45... thanks!

    now i have it on PC (steam... preorder for $44.95US) and 360... still paid under RRP for 2 copies :)

    Are you able to register this as a steam copy? or only do the "add non steam game"?

    Header should've read "Bad Company 2, Now half as bad, twice the company"

    Oh how we would've laughed and laughed

    Whats the catch? are they new copies with VIP codes in them? or pre-owned? Any store any state? or do I have to buy online?

      I believe they are the standard copies, not limited edition (no VIP codes), but still a bargin! The money you save with this deal you can spend the extra few $ on the Battlefield store and get the extra guns and maps.

        I picked it up and there was a VIP code in it, just to clarify.

    Awesome. I don't have it yet, having stuffed my money into a can to save up for a gaming rig (being a teen and all, there's not much I have to spend money on, and I've been stuck with MW2 for like 3 months :/

    Gonna hopefully get it tomorrow, I've heard BC2 is more team-based than MW2, doesn't have HBS and isn't published by a money hungry company who the most subscribed-to MMO (AFAIK, as Activision and Blizzard are merged, technically it counts as them owning it, or am I wrong?)

    I picked up a copy from my local EB this afternoon (and pre-ordered StarCraft 2 and Alan Wake, but that's not the point), and they only had 3 copies left. Go pick it up quickly if you can guys!

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