Bargain Hunter: 10-Day Xbox 360 “Price Drop” At EB

Bargain Hunter: 10-Day Xbox 360 “Price Drop” At EB

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Quick note on a special Xbox 360 offer at EB. They’re flogging off the standard Arcade bundle, plus one game (Sega Superstar Tennis), for $249. That’s $50 off the regular price. Not bad. The offer runs until January 29. Anyone else seen a better price? Or, indeed, worthy bargains on any other consoles?

Thanks to a whole bunch of readers who pointed this out. No, really, thanks guys! (I’m guessing you all work at EB, yeah?)


  • Be careful when buying these ‘Deals’ from EB as they are usually Refurbished consoles. Check the actual manufacture date on the console by lifting up the flap on the box and looking inside.

    I bought one late last year which had a manufacture date of 2006 which i took straight back.

  • What about the $229 ones at Big W between Boxing Day and NYD? Same deal, $20 less. And of course most stores would have price matched.

    JB had a similar deal around the same time where I think it was about $260 plus Gears of War 2.

  • In my local EB u can get the arcade bundle with sonic tennis, as well as guitar hero 3 for the same price of $299.

  • i got JB HIFI to price match that today, tried to get GAME to price match it but they refused.
    my xbox died the other day (no red rings and was just out of warranty) so i was stoked to see this deal.
    The arcade i bought has the “Falcon” chipset which has the 65nm GPU as opposed to the previous models 90nm GPU’s (apparently less likely to overheat?).
    oh, and that sonic tennis game is horrible, but free, so i cant really complain

  • I got an arcade 360 right after christmas from big W for 230 with sega tennis. Big W seem to have always had the cheapest deals on the arcade when they have sales on.

  • I have a very similar story to jtswiggam, my 360 died the other day as well (kept overheating with two red rings as soon as I turned the thing on) and it was out of warranty so MS wanted $132 to fix the thing. So in the end I just decided to spend an extra $120 and get a brand new one from EB. Lady there wouldn’t let me look inside the box to check if it was a jasper and since she said other EB’s would just have the same consoles as the ones they had (as in the same shipment) and the 360 had a lot number of 0844X I figured I might as well just get the thing since I wanted to game. Ended up being a falcon….. hooray

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