Rock Band NZ Release Estimate Moved From July To October

rock_small.jpgSo Rock Band might be coming out around September in Australia? What about New Zealand?

NZ retailer Gameplanet recently emailed customers with a revised release for EA’s jamming simulator. Before now, Kiwi gamers had July as a rough guide. Now, it looks like it’ll be October. Late October. That’s a shift of three months.

Again, these are estimated dates from suppliers, so there are no guarantees as to their accuracy. But, until EA is willing to provide us with anything solid, they will have to do. The relevant section of the Gameplanet email can be found after the jump.

[Thanks Daniel]

Just letting you know that our suppliers have advised us today that the estimated New Zealand release date for Rock Band has changed from 28/07/2008 to 31/10/2008 today. Please note that as this is an estimated date only, it is subject to change.


Gameplanet Store


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