Australians Can Only Buy Spore Creature Creator From… NZ EA Store?

Australians Can Only Buy Spore Creature Creator From… NZ EA Store?

spore_store.jpgOkay, so let me get this straight. If I go to the Australian EA Store, the Spore Creature Creator is unavailable. However, if I jump across to the New Zealand version, I can download it for $NZ 14.99. I can even select “Australia” as my location in the checkout section.

Okay, great, we can get the full program now, but why do we need to hit up the NZ store for it? If Australia’s there as an option, why not just put it on the Australian store?

I guess I should be happy that we at least have a legitimate way of downloading it. Still, it leaves a silly taste in my mouth. Yes, silly.

Spore Creature Creator [EA Store NZ, thanks Trent]


  • I came here with the intention of adding a comment to yesterdays story that I have started to download this from the NZ store, but I guess Logan beat me to the punch.

  • EA really doesn’t understand Australians if they wan’t us to go to the *spit* NZ store to buy this.

    Bad move EA, bad move.

  • Well im just glad they actually did something about it & let us have our cake too.
    I dont want to say it because i am eagerly awaiting the game but i was a hair’s breath from just torrenting the creator.
    So i can now be happy!

  • So will NZ get Rock Band before us too (instead of a logical arrangement of near the same time)?

  • Thanks for the heads up guys. I will download from those all-black loving people now.


  • Why’s everyone getting so bent out of shape? You have a link, it works without needing any voodoo, fake US addresses or credit cards, and when you have it you can create your phallic effigies.

  • but why do they do this, just skip us ‘but hey lets put NZ down’ ‘yer there k00L?’

    it’s not just EA heaps of dumb shit like 360’s marketplace and PS3 shoppe…

  • “We are unable to process your order. Please verify your information and try again.”

    I get this message whenever I try to order the software with completely correct details.

    …I hate EA so much.

    The amount of shit I’ve tried to get this working…

  • “Payment authorization failed.”

    Why is EA is going to so much trouble to prevent us from getting the Creator?

    Does anybody else have trouble getting the Creator to download from EA NZ?

  • I can’t get mine to be placed in the basket on the NZ website or whatever, I’ve never bothered trying to buy off their website before and now that I’m trying for Spore: Creature Creator it’s not working. It gives me a popup saying:

    “Before we can add SPORE™ Creature Creator to your basket, please make the following selections:
    *Shows a picture of the Spore: Creature Creator BoxArt*”

    It doesn’t actually give me anything to select.

  • @Andrew: Hey mate, I just bought the program off the NZ EA Store without an issue, so I’m not sure I can help. Maybe make sure you’ve selected Australia as the purchase region? Other than that, you may have to wait until EA makes its “exciting announcement”.

  • I’m trying to buy from the NZ site and have everything set correctly to say i’m in AUS but getting.
    “We are unable to process your order. Please verify your information and try again.”

    No Idea what is wrong with my info

  • Well I just ordered it off of the NZ store… payment went through ok but I can’t download it!!! It doesn’t show up in the ea download manager or on my order history on the website!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Man that’s just stupid EA robbing themselves of a couple of bucks are they that thick to let eager fans and money escape them?

  • Oi Oi Oi

    I really want buy from download but to my shock I can’t buy at all even I tried to NZ they have block under other line I can’t click there….

    What is EA thinking ??????

    WTF MATE ?

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