Shellshock 2 Refused Classification In Australia, No Plans To Resubmit

r18_left.jpgEidos' Shellshock 2: Blood Trails has become another casualty in the fight for an R18+ rating for games in Australia. On June 20, it was handed a Refused Classification by the OFLC, banning its sale in the country.

For the Shellshock series, it is a case of history repeating. Back in 2004, Shellshock: Nam '67 was also given an RC, however, it was later resubmitted and managed an MA 15+.

Today I contacted Atari, which publishes Eidos games in Australia, to find out if it plans to take a similar course with Shellshock 2. The answer was no, which means like Digital Extremes' Dark Sector, it's doubtful we'll see it in stores ever.

I'm following up with Atari to find out exactly what the OFLC drew issue with.

Shellshock 2: Blood Trails [OFLC, via PALGN]


    We need to get new laws passed. Most of the gaming population are 18+ anyway!

    But saying that lucky i work at Gametraders ;)

    The original is probably one of my favourite games of all time, so I'm understandably pissed by the fact that they've turned the series into an unrealistic, zombie fighting (hey, I like zombies just as much as the next guy) My Chemical Romance-athon.

    Despite the fact that I already hate everything about this game, that isn't going to stop me from importing it, just like I do with every game banned or censored in Australia.

    Take that, government!

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