Where Are Those Fable II Pub Games Preorder Codes?

Good question. If you preordered from EB Games and were thinking of buying Pub Games, don't! Tipster Ryan decided to ping the retailer to see if it had any idea as to when the codes would be ready. Surprisingly, it did:

The Fable 2 Pub Games pre order codes will be available in store by the end of the month.

Not an exact date, but it does narrow things down. With any luck, those who preordered the game from EB will soon be able to cheat with the best of them.

[Thanks Ryan]


    JB HiFi as well, in fact I'd say all retailers in Australia have been let down on this offer. I got told 'end of the month as well' so that must be what M$ Australia are telling retailers.

    Once again Australia gets the brown, slightly smelly end of the gaming stick. Well at least we're getting Fallout 3.

    Does anyone know if 'gametraders' is doing this offer???

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