Sept 8 For EB Fable II Pub Games Codes, Apparently

fable2_wide.jpgStill waiting for your Pub Games code from your EB Games Fable II preorder? Last we heard they were due before the end of last month, but that didn't quite happen, did it?

Well, we have a new, firmer estimate from tipster and EB employee Diomades. He's been told the Xbox Live Arcade tokens will be available from September 8. His EB doesn't have any actual stock, but he suspects they'll arrive today - if they haven't already.


    No fair.
    Srsly, get it together EB - it was supposed to be on the 13th. ._.

    It didn't have details as to why there was a delay, unfortunately, just that it would finally be out on September 8. It is possible we won't receive it until Monday, like what happened with our shipment of Spore. But you will definitely be able to go into your store and pick it up on Monday. Just don't go until the afternoon.

    EB got another email today, stating it was now coming in on tues 9th. Hopefully not too much longer than that.

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