EB Games Joins Fable 2 Early Release Party

EB Games Joins Fable 2 Early Release Party

Just when we thought the Fable 2 early release story had been fun while it lasted, we’ve now received two reports that an EB Games in Melbourne has started moving units on the basis that Kmart’s breach gives them the all clear to do so.

We’re chasing fresh word from Microsoft on whether this would be considered in the clear, or whether this is something else that will require a bitchslappin’. If you’re in Melbourne and you’re eager, might want to run in to Swanston St and see if you can grab a copy in case it goes away. Though at this stage you only have a few weekdays to wait for full launch, so it isn’t quite as exciting as Kmart’s pre-weekend treat.

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  • I think this might be from last week too. The date is cropped out of the photo, but if it was today, the time is 2 minutes ago as I type this. A bit too fast to get it posted I reckon.

  • Man, you can plainly see the guy who sold it and his associate number on that receipt, that could land that dude in some serious hot water with Head Office, yikes!
    In the meantime, we’re in SA and already have our Fable II, rock on!


    I missed the train and decided to take today off. I work right in Swanston street and was going to check EB for Fable 2 during lunch, just incase.

    Noooo πŸ™

  • Just spoke to my local EB, who rang area manager then called me back. Melbourne EBs are allowed to sell it. So anywhere near a store thats leaked call your local EB!

    Our area arent as its only areas where the street date has been broken. In my area (Tweed heads Gold coast) JB etc dont have their stock so EB have to wait until they get stock then they cal all break release fairly.

    I was told maybe tomorrow or the next day when local stores get stock the release will be broken by EB.

  • EB Games on Swanston street just confirmed that MS has bitch slapped the stores that broke street date, and recalled stock. Bummer really, these dates are meaningless when all of the stores have the stock.

  • definately been some kind of shut down on sales of fable 2. MS should just give the go ahead, it seems every store has it.

  • I just called my local EB games (chatswood) who are now doing a ring around. I also called the EB Games Melbourne and spoke to a guy that normally works at the store where the photo was taken and i was told that they’re not selling it anymore. Me thinks they might be in trouble.

  • wow.. story reported 12:30pm.. by 1:30pm Microsoft bitchslap takes place and stock recalled. Reading all this at 2pm and my eagerness to go into the city quickly dwindles as I read down the page.

  • 9th complex – EB games aren’t the only people selling fable, so not “every” store has it. M$ have release dates so it allows all game retailers to have stock at the same time in order to maintain competition. I hope EB are hit hard for undercutting other game retailers.

  • Working at EBGames here in Perth I can say without a doubt that what Swanston went and did was NOT some sort of rule that EBGames has. WE get into a lot of trouble when we break street dates, and if other guys break it first we don’t get any excuses.

    I think this came from last week, honestly. Last week was the vendors show, meaning store managers were away and assistant managers were in command. They could very well have made the (very stupid) decision to go ahead and start selling Fable 2 while their boss was away.

  • I just walked into the Elizabeth St store and they called the Swanston St store. They’re definately not selling it now.

    So, if they were selling it earlier, they aren’t any more.

  • Thanks Diomades for your explanation that EB Games Assistant Store Managers are not yet competent in reading a calender. Apparently only the Stire Managers are that smart!

  • I was one of the people that sent an email to kotaku tips bout this.

    Mine wasn’t from Swanston street, but from Melbourne central. They told me “other retailers broke the street date” So they sold me a copy.

  • I never meant to suggest that the assistant manager at whatever stores doing this was stupid. For all I know there could have been confusion about what exactly was meant to be done. I AM only a sales assistant, I don’t know how everything works. All I’m saying is that with the managers away for a week, it’s possible a mistake could have been made. From the mix of stories coming out with one second Melbourne able to sell it and the next they’re not, it could very well just be confusion.

    Simply throwing out my two cents based on my experience, is all. I’ve not heard anything about the store I work at suddenly selling copies of it.

  • I feel sorry for that employee. Blur out his name or something Seamus, he’s gona get fired!

    Harvey Norman have been selling Fable II all weekend. But a mate at work just got a call from Harvey Norman saying his reserved copy is no longer available and he can grab a copy on Thursday.

  • Hmm, I had my preorder at the EB in Booragoon (WA) called them Friday morning after seeing the post, they called me back at 12 and let me know I could pick up my copy.

  • I was just at the Swanston St store, a 16xxx number– that’s a newbie. I think i’ve met this Luke guy… definitely a newbie.

  • Yeah that “$55,000” fine scare tactics your boss gave to a lecture about this morning Diomades was blown out of proportion. It was only $1000 per copy and a month delay on Gears of War 2.

    Your boss does not seem to think much of gamers it seems, the way he was making your team go by some sort of “This is how to speak to mindless customers” script. Everytime I go into EB I feel like a walking wallet and the storepeople are trying to flirt with me to open it.

  • damnit. i might go into the city tomorrow and see if i can find anywhere willing to sell me it … cause everyone else is!

    is EB the best price for it anywaY?

  • This is nothing new Ebgames had starwars the force unleashed for sale 2 days early for $99…. so i waited 2 days and got it for $79 at Jbhifi. πŸ™‚

  • Just got a call from my local EB (in WA).
    Apparently release is now tomorrow and i can go pick up my LE’s tomorrow morning, Sweet as.

  • Hey Guys i work at EB in Perth and to clarify i do believe that fable 2 has been selling in small amounts in all retailers and i think that EB Melbourne was the one to push M$ of the cliff because head office has given us the go ahead to sell all copies 2morrow so anyone want a copy come down to Innaloo W.A!

    P.S: I think M$ doesn’t have enough legal rights to sue every retailer so they cant be bothered recalling anymore. also i think Luke might get sacked or get told off severely πŸ™

  • EB Games now have Fable 2 listed as “Out Now” on their website. I haven’t gone into a store today, but maybe they’re selling them again.

  • I just bought my copy from EB and price matched JB at $79 for the collectors edition.

    Their also selling Dead Space today.

    Dungeon Crawl in Melbourne are also selling Far Cry 2

  • Just got back from EB games at chermside, They have been told by microsoft to start selling it, this ties in with the us release

  • I can confirm I just went to Mirrabooka EB Games.
    And I have the collectors edition of Fable II in my hands πŸ™‚

    I suggest anyone near Mirabooka go down and grab it now,
    but by the way the guy was acting it seems it’s pretty common
    for EB to be selling it now, and they probally have the go ahead.

    – Drknz

  • Confirmed- I have my copy sitting on my desk- grabbed the last ‘Collector’s Edition’ copy in the Swanston St. store in Melbourne. Total coincidence, as well- I didn’t even know it was out yet, just wandered into the store on my lunch break, heh.

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