The Whole World Will Enjoy Fallout 3 Australian Edits


  • Damn it!
    Now there is even less reason to import the super collectors edition with the pip-boy replica 🙁 I was really hoping to pick that up, and mod my PSP into it.

  • I’m not sure Australia will be able to withstand the amount of nerd rage that will be directed at us now as a result…

  • Don’t direct the rage at Australia, direct the rage at the South Australian Attorney General. It’s one man’s fault here. Nothing else. The OFLC only enforce what laws they are given.

  • I know I really shouldn’t, but I can’t help feel a little embarrassed about this decision. Like I haven’t done enough about draconian classification and the whole world is now suffering.

    Must be because I was raised Catholic and guilt is engrained.

  • Oh no, nerd rage… let me get out SAS ready… Mmmm.
    I think when people realise it was really just the “Real” names of drugs being altered there won’t be much of an issue. No violence was harmed in the editing of this Product.

  • It would be funny if it was another country…NOT MINE!
    I think nerds need to unite and get a world-wide flood of spam emails/letters from fake people to flood the SA Attorney’s mailbox ( they have to read or at least open them I believe)

  • Haha

    This is great. Hopefully it’ll piss everyone else around the world off enough to get our ratings system changed. I mean, everyone is always saying how we’re always bowing to Foreign Pressure on everything else.

  • YES! Take that, bastards!

    OK, seriously, I am a little disappointed at the edits, but at least the whole world has to suffer with Australia, right? Besides, at the rate this is going, someone’s going to mod the PS3/PC versions and give the drugs their names back.

  • I’m not entirely sure how I feel right now.

    Angry; that it’s still censored?
    Happy; that it’s going to be the standard?

    Scared; everyone will hate Australians now?
    Spitefully sadistic; that now everyone will experience my own pain?

    I haven’t been this indecisive since I had a choice whether to cure cancer or replace Jack Thompson’s vocal cords with a kazoo.

    Well, since the world will be ending in a few hours I doubt that will matter.

  • god damn it….so i spend two months telling sustomers in NZ that we are definitely getting the un edited euro version….and then they flip this bitch on me

    sad face

  • WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why oh why would they do this!!! everyone who really cares about the game would import it, mother F@#Kers!!

    wait a sec, its only the name of real drugs in game?? that can’t be right….

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