Official Nintendo Mag To Hit Oz

Official Nintendo Mag To Hit Oz

ninty mag.jpgWe antipodean Nintendoites are about to feel the love.

Nearing a decade since the last official Ninty mag graced our shores, Nintendo Australia have announced the launch of the Official Nintendo Magazine in Oz. The mag will be published by UK-based Future Publishing, the same guys behind the uber-popular UK and US versions.

ONM looks set to be for fanboy and casual gamers, alike, taking the best international material and mixing it with home-grown content from some of Oz’ leading games journos.

According to Managing Ed. Nic Healey;

“The Official Nintendo Magazine- Australia and New Zealand will be the definitive source of Nintendo news and features for both the traditional gamer, and the new audience of Nintendo fans too… Our official status gives us unlimited access to the newest Nintendo games and the people who make them, as well as the latest developments on the console platforms.”

So mark December 10 guys, because that’s the day the first issue hits newsstands.


  • Feh who cares, official mags are always horrible, i still remember reading OPS2 and the bias was ridiculous and i finally stopped reading when they said the dealy till march for PS3 launch was a good thing due to “having an even bigger starting line up” and i doubt this one will be more honest.

  • Wow, I think I feel a bit of nostalgia. It’s been a long time since I saw an official Nintendo magazine on the shelves… those were the days.

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