Bargain Hunter: A Lucky 13% Off At CDWOW

Bargain Hunter: A Lucky 13% Off At CDWOW

The alert lads at DSAustralia send word of a St Patricks Day deal underway at CDWOW. They're offering a 13% discount storewide, games included, but only until 11pm tonight. That's everything, even new releases such as the excellent Persona 4 (above). Check it out.

CDWOW! 13% Off For 13 Hours [DSAustralia, thanks Ingram!]


  • That’s a screw up on someone’s part at CDWOW! They’ve fixed it now on their website. So all is good now 🙂

  • I suggest anyone who is into jrpgs and havn’t got this yet to get it through CDWOW, because some higher up (being as smart as they usually are) only planned 2 maybe 3 copies per store of this excellent game, and i doubt the store clerks would have been able to cut the preorder cues. quite genius, get a store exclusive game and not stock for the community. now i’m seeing atleast 3 or 4 people walking into the store asking for this game which has rumored to be discontinued already.

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