Bargain Hunter: Worth A Blast?

Bargain Hunter: Worth A Blast?

Blastworks is a side-scrolling shmup for the Wii. It’s based on Tumiki Fighters by Kenta Cho, the legendary Japanese indie developer. Has anyone played it?

I ask because I’m ordering it for just $18.86 from CDWOW today.

I’d kinda forgotten Blastworks was even released. As a fan of Cho’s work – especially rRootage and Torus Trooper, both of which are included as unlockables here – I’m curious to see how Tumiki Fighters was adapted to the Wii.

At just a shade under twenty bucks, I can’t really go wrong. Can I?


    • As soon as I saw the price tag EB games had on it I decided to give it a pass… until I saw that link. Thanks!

      On the topic of random bargains I picked up Zack & Wiki NEW for $20 at EB. They’re currently having a clearance sale on it.

  • I rented blastworks about a month back.. It was interesting. however as a long time incompotent gamer I’ve never liked the instant death mechanic.
    But if you’re skilled or patient you have made an excelent choice sir!


    I ordered L4D2 b4 launch and they only arrived yesterday order date was the 14th of nov arrived 18th of jan. and they had stock it was dispatched 21st nov

    and the worst customer service ever!

  • I rented it a few months back, and didn’t get into it. The ship-attaching gimmick is interesting, but ultimately unwieldly. And yes, the one hit deaths are just irritating.

    Bare-bones presentation adds little to what is essentially a basic, cel-shaded shmup with a ship editor that has a steep learning curve.

    However, if you can sit through all that, you will probably enjoy it. It’s just not for me.

  • That’s a good deal, defo. It’s hard to find Wii games that are unique AND aren’t like a bazillion dollars. It’s this cool cross between R-Type and Katamari Damacy. There’s some nice customization on everything, like levels, making your own bad guys and stuff.
    CD WOW’s got good deals on games most the time. The free shipping’s handy too.

  • I’ve nothing but pleasant experiences with CDWOW personally. Games and CDs.

    However i didn’t receive my Fallout 3 GOTY on launch, a few days later. But that didn’t bother me cause i wasn’t missing out on anything I hadn’t played before.

    Most games i do purchase are ones that I have already played before – so i’ve never really pre-ordered or purchased a game thats new and on launch so I haven’t experienced ‘I Am Me’ situation as yet. I have received quicker postage through eBay or others online retailers – but i was still pleased.

  • I’ve had some bad experiences with CDWOW, I ordered L4D the first one when it was up for about $50? I got a mail saying it was delayed or something, it took them 3 months, and I still didn’t get it. I just eventually canceled the order.

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