Street Date Smash: Grab That Loot Today

borderlands packshot 360Yep, Borderlands is now on sale, two days ahead of schedule. Looks like EB put it out today and now everyone else is following suit.

Best prices I've seen are $79 for some online orders (GAME, DVD Crave) and CDWow is still advertising a pre-order offer of $72.95.

In-store, and surely that's where you'll be going today anyway, JB Hi-Fi has it for $89.95. Anyone spotted a better deal?


    GAME have it in store for $79, on sale now.

    So... I guess an early release on Steam will be completely out of the question?

    What benefits do preorders get you, ever. *sigh*

      Rooster hats?

      I got it off steam for 50 bucks AUD, i consider that enough incentive to preorder.

        You should have gone in for a 4 pack with some mates - $38 AUD :)

    Agh crap, I knew i shouldn't have pre-ordered online for this.

    $79 at GAME
    $89 at JB
    $99 at EB

    Only just played past the (extremely stylish) title sequence. Something strangely cathartic about watching all those numbers bounce off foes as they are plugged with lead.

      Shame I don't think we even have GAME in Perth, and the nearest JB is at least a 20 minute drive, compared to EB which is about five.

        actually there is a GAME store in perth its in the carilion arcade off hay street mall.

        thats why god invented price matching

        There are about 10 GAME Stores in Perth and surrounds! Check out the website!

    Installing mine now. EB Games matched JB for me. hmmm drooling is cool right?

    Is this only for the console version? Or PC too?

    Which GAME? My local (BLacktown) doesn't get it until 3pm, they say.

    Anyone else have dramas with the redeem code for the gearbox merc weapon pack? It's coming up invalid, but i'm thinking it might be because it got an early release?

    My local eb games has had the ps3/360 versions in since yesterday (and have been selling them since then). But wont break on the pc release date.... Q.Q

      Thats because the PC release is a week later than all the console releases.

      I know, I'm pissy about it too.

    You're complaining that you shouldn't have preordered cause you miss out on TWO DAYS?

    Damn, more of you should read the article about video game addictions... :P

    Is this only for the console?

    Yeah GAME at Robina (Gold Coast) had 360/ps3 but no PC


    I bought it off steam, I have to wait till the 27th.

    Must nag Valve to fix the dates :3

    I reckon these street date smashes are done on purpose to create more buzz around games.
    works like penile envy; people think "ZOMG that dude has borderlands before me i gotta get it STAT. Stat means now!"

      Nah dude, no conspiracy there. Trust me, there are pretty dumb people working in some video games shops, not all, but some. Some gronk has probably received the stock and just put it straight out. A competitor found out then bang, broken release date. There are consequences for the guilty parties.

    Picked up the 360 version in a nice slip case that shits over the Metroid Prime Trilogy one for $32 bucks + my copy of Mass Effect which I was well and truely finished with.

    The $32 was spent buying two trade bait games from EB to trade in at JB.

    Oh and I got a free T-Shirt too :D

    Gots it! :)

    Another one for ya, Smackdown Vs Raw on sale now

    This doesn't include the PC Release. Sorry guys. Getting that next week.

    Oh yeah, and I actually work at EB. We're not breaking the street date as we weren't actually given one. Don't know what's up with that.

      I work for Eb as well, the only theory we can come up with is that it's mainly the games that aren't considered AAA titles don't have street dates applied to them

    Fantastic. Just grabbed it then after getting it pricematched at EB Games to the GAME retail price of $79.

    Kotaku just saved me a cool $21 :)

    Borderlands is not a strict release date title, so it doesnt surprise me that EB is selling it now. According to the developers wishes, its available to sell as soon as a the store gets its stock :)

    I work at Gametraders, and we got a release date, but a notice that its not a STRICT date (strict date means you have to sell it on a particular date, non strict dates you can sell whenever)

    Picked up my copy after work today. The slipcase is awesome! I wasn't expecting that. The new PS3 box art doesn't look to bad either.

    Spent five minutes playing a game, got two people to join and got one of the trophies.

    Looks fantastic, really like the the art direction. I'm hoping the game play is awesome to boot!

    GAME usually state their prices are ONLINE only when looking on their site. Uncharted was $89 online only but it was also $89 in store. They do this alot.. maybe some cases its Online Only but usually their the same.

    So i say Borderlands would be $79 at GAME. But you can pretty much price match anywhere with anyone unless its online which not many do.

    one four pack off Steam for $37.50 each works well for me, and I don't mind waiting a bit more, after all, its the Killing Floor weekend and update this weekend anyways, so I can play it all weekend and play Borderlands next week.

    Splitting a 4 pack over steam will be worth the wait for the money saved - im glad the au dollar is realtively strong atm :)

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