Sunday Supplement: "Full-bodied women who were luscious"


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    WTF is the reason for that sexist title?

    And people wonder why there aren't more women visible in the gaming scene. Well done, you've given a fine example of one reason. has lost credibility as a gaming resource. Maybe you should read your own articles, there's more than just spotty male kids that buy games.


    The title is an excerpt from one of the blog entries he's plugged. If you fear 'Fear of Closure', you'll see that the writer mentions "Full-bodied women who were luscious" when she talks about artistic representations of women and how she associates that with being a positive thing.

    I don't see anything particularly sexist about that. Quit overreacting.


    It's a quote from one of the articles linked in the post. Taken so absurdly out of context, it's meant to be amusing and to spark some interest in what it could be referring to. Check the previous Sunday Supplements for more examples. And then, I dunno, maybe lighten up a little?

    In context it might work, out of context like this it's pointless - except as a sensationalist attention grabber i.e. sexist trash.

    Whatever though, it's not worth more than a token comment to the post. I've moved on :)

    @ all

    I cannot believe people are still touchie about this sorta thing in either a + or - sort of way. Its almost as bad as reading the hansard records from parliament. A little less starch in the collar please...

    Man, I love Pixel Hunt. And only partly because I'm the deputy editor, and hence forced to love it under threat of death!

    Seriously though I'm very proud of how Issue 6 turned out, it had some of the best reviews I've read recently in it.

    Sorry but I totally fail to see how the title can be considered sexist. My girlfriend is confused to... though I now have a new pet name for her. Thanks.

    @ Jay

    Nice save mate. First you accuse the writer of sexism then when he explains himself and proves just how stupid your comment was, all you can seem to muster is "I've moved on."

    Ever thought of becoming a politician?

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