Sunday Supplement: "Probably the saddest part is the children"

Fallout 3 vista.jpg

Welcome to the late afternoon edition of the Sunday Supplement, your guide to some of most interesting games writing, blogging, chatting and thinking I've stumbled upon over the last week. Today we delve into indie games, indie games, indie games, and the melancholy of Fallout 3.


    I have a real soft spot for Bloodlines. In fact, I started a new game not so long ago. I was always able to look past the many glitches and enjoy the game that was hiding within, but the community patch has brought the game to a level where anyone should be able to do that.

    It is a real shame that Bloodlines - both the actual release and the development - was so plagued with problems. Were it to have been polished to a more respectable sheen, it may well have become a true classic.

    I totally agree with you Steve. Bloodlines was absolutely brilliant when all the graphical issues were overlooked. I feel like playing it now *opens utorrent* =P

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