AU Diary: Are You Picking Up A DSi Today?

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Today's DSi launch day in Australia. While I'm not convinced it's a worthwhile upgrade for existing DS owners - at least not yet - I've no doubt Nintendo is going to have yet another very successful handheld on its, er... in your hands.

So who's picking up a DSi today?

And if you are, what are you spending your complimentary 1000 Nintendo Points on? Have you checked out the launch lineup of DSiWare apps and would you recommend any of them? How's that camera working out for you? Or the music mixing software? Or the internet browser?

Share you experiences with the new DSi in the comments below.


    The black DSi looks stealthier than the DS Lite. I quite like that. The screen also looks bigger and you can make crazy sticker photo-looking things using the cameras. That's also neat. HOWEVER, I don't see a point in upgrading just for those features. With the extra $100, I could pick up two awesome DS games, or I could go buy myself tonnes of cake.

    $100 AUD more for the DSi is a ripoff.
    Especially for features that should have been in the console since its first launch.

    Ill be sticking with my regualr DS for now.

    I picked up Wario Ware Snapped again, but I'm saving my points for more stuff as I've already bought all the stuff up their on my Japanese DSi.

    Where is the Moving Memo :(

    I picked mine up at JB Hi-Fi first thing this morning. Why? Because my DS Lite died on me last week. So far I haven't had much time to mess around with seeing as I'm at work.... Not that I check Kotaku at work.... >.>;;; *ahem* as I was saying, I grabbed a black one to contrast my deathly white corpse of a DS Lite. If my old DS hadn't died on me however, no. I wouldn't have bothered buying a DSi. What helped me go for it was the free 4 gig SD card at JB and the promise of some GB, GBC and GBA games to download at a later date. Was it worth it? Probably not... But it might be some day.....


    Nope... although I don't condone piracy I love my r4 as I can try before buying this is especially relevant for a gaming platform that is 99% awful games.

    Why would I buy a DSi when there's no games that use the extra features in an interesting way? I've still got lots of games I haven't finished with on the regular old DS too

    I think the DSi is a complete waste of money at the moment. I love my white DS Lite as it is. a $2 chinese camera and a slightly larger screen for an extra $100? No thanks. Also no GBA slot is a bummer.. sure you got the store, but i prefer hard copies.

    Also you can't use an R4 on the DSI rendering it useless for me!

    I sold my lite to a mate and picked up my DSi today. I'm rather impressed its a beautiful piece of hardware. I buy every Nintendo console so this was a no brainer for me. And Ben don't be a tightass and go buy a game instead of downloading them. Support the industry!

    I wouldn't get a DSi unless my current DS died on me, and even then it would really only be for the larger screens and any downloadable content.

    As I see it, with the huge market share that the old DS and DS Lite have, I greatly doubt any publisher is going to release a game that doesn't support those platforms. Sure they may have DSi versions that have some minigame/feature that makes use of the camera or whatever, but as long as the normal gameplay is solid, I have no problem missing out on whatever gimmiky minigames they add for the DSi's features.

    Funny how it's all the pirates who don't like the DSi. Waaa waa can't use my R4 must buy games wahhhh.

    "Ace card i" works with the dsi for all your home brew needs, but I agree with the general sentiment. Nintendo is taking the piss with the dsi, but they'll get away with it......... spectacularly!

    Region locking = nothankyou.jpg

    I got mine this morning (a black one, I had a white Lite). Bought a bunch of games in EB's 2 for $50 sale as well.

    I will wait until some good Dsi exclusive software is out before I consider upgrading to Dsi from my crimson red Ds that is still serving me well. The Dsi's region lock feature is also another reason that stops me from upgrading on day one.

    Hrmm dunno why people are not getting it for the region lock? Its only for the DSi online market.. not actual DS games..

    Anyways I got mine today (black) pretty impressed so far but have had little chance to play it.

    Agree that the region locking is a tad silly here.

    But definitely looking to replace the aging Lite in the next week (not yesterday, EB claims all the launch day DSi's were allocated).

    Can anyone confirm is DSi is infact region locked and if I buy one from Japan if I will be able to use it(the only reason I want one from Japan is I want the lime green which isnt avaible in Aus yet)

      Yes it is.

        So if it is locked what does that mean. Can I use games in it that aren't made by Nintendo....will it only talk Japanese....I've heard of something called an R4 card what is this and could it work...

          Region locking means you will only be able to play games released in Australia. You will not be able to play games imported from overseas. It shouldn't make a difference if you do all your shopping here in Australia.

            But there are no lime green dsi available in AUS....why havent they released one then we wouldnt have to go overseas....from what I have read and most of it was posted at the time of release before anyone knew what it was all about, it appears that other companies write games that Ds uses...these ones may still work only the nintendo ones won't

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