First Look At AFL Challenge For PSP

afl-screen-2Sony's passed along three screenshots of the just-announced AFL Challenge for PSP. Check 'em out.

AFL Challenge bears the official AFL license, so rest assured all the teams and players have their correct names. It's being developed in Melbourne too, for that touch of authenticity, by Wicked Witch Software.

And remember, this - like the NRL game also announced last night - is releasing in July only on the PSP. Check the Rugby League Challenge screens over here.




    I was shattered when I saw that release date. How could they get their first release date so wrong, then delay it a week, then 2 months?! Doesn't make sense.

    Turns out its been delayed because of lack of public interest.

    Could have seen that coming it doesnt help when they dont advertise in stores or TV. All of youse who want the game please pre-order at any game place that does pre order so they will release it!

    Sent email concerning the release date, and they replied that they are going through approval processes with Sony and AFL. How could they get a release date so wrong, though?

    If that is so maybe they will bring the release date forward it should not take another 2 months to clear it, I hope it has commentary though

    why didnt they bring it out on ps3 because more people have ps3's and it could be better graphics and better everything?

    mainly cause they are tools if anyones interested I have written an essay/ story thingo on AFL games from AFL Finals Fever (1996) to AFL Premiership 2007 if anyone wants to read it

    EB Games have released the cover picture it sort of looks tacky, tell me what you think

    The cover is pretty good. What's with the players on it, though...

    Check out the rugby league challenge cover, it's better I reckon

    yeah the rugby league cover does look better.

    For all of you's that havn't heard yet, BigAnt Studios is developing another AFL game and it is going to be released on the next gen consoles (PS3, 360 as well as PC) in 2010. Link:

    Release date now 10/9.  :(

    Release date of September 10 confirmed! They're launching a website for the game soon!

    yea look at the screen shots, the players are far too pixelated... almost like a mobile phone game...

    I don't see how PS3 or XBox will make the game any better... BTW look at the incredibly realistic crowds in the last screenshot... PSML!

    Think the AFL video game fans need to accept this is a good as it will ever get.... and the expected poor sales from this means its unlikely they'll go down this road again :(

    AFL Challenge out now

    Just played it and its....
    dissapointing, the ground that you play on is one that an ametur team would play on, there are no numbers on players jumpers and no comentary, there are 18 players per team and you cannot make interchanges and there are no injuries or suspensions the players mark 50 ft in the air and it keeps no stats what so ever, I have a right to compalian too because they delayed it by 3 months plus you look at games like Fifa 2009 and it has over 5,000 players and makes up new ones as it goes along.
    Just look and the credits at the end of the instructions and you will see how little effort went into this, at least it is difficult when you put it on hard actully make that impossible. Red Ant have one due next year it better be funking good

      can you please post a gameplay video
      I want to see it.

    Hi. i was wondering if you actually play a full game or you just do challenges.

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