The Week In Games

The Week In Games

mushroom-men-artIt’s a decent week for those of you equipped with a Nintendo console or handheld. For those without? Not so much.

Aside from the delayed release of Silent Hill: Homecoming on Xbox 360, every other game out this week is for the Wii or the DS… or both!

There’s some solid stuff, too. Pikmin 2, Mushroom Men, Dementium and even Marbles are all worth checking out. Oh, and something called Pokémon, if you’re into that sort of thing.

New releases for the w/c May 11:

Bridge Training (DS) What Is it? I’m guessing this concerns the card game rather than the structure built to cross an obstacle. Should You Care? If you need to ask that question, you surely don’t care enough about bridge.

Dementium: The Ward (DS) What Is it? Horror-themed first-person shooter with tight controls and a taut atmosphere. Should You Care? Recommended for those seeking a more adult experience on their handheld.

Marbles: Balance Challenge (Wii) What Is it? Puzzle game where you steer a ball through challenges by shifting your weight on the Balance Board. Should You Care? Not a bad way to get more use out of the Balance Board now that your brief Wii Fit addiction is over.

Mushroom Men (Wii, DS) What Is it? Quirky platformer with some old-school adventure game puzzling. Should You Care? Worth checking out if you dig games that try to do things differently, but it’s not as good as it could’ve been.

Pikmin 2 (Wii) What Is it? Wii-make of the Gamecube strategy/puzzle game. Should You Care? If you never played it on Cube, it remains a damn good game.

Pokémon Platinum (DS) What Is it? Yet another god damn Pokémon game. Should You Care? Do you groan or grin at the thought of yet another god damn Pokémon game?

Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Mummy (DS) What Is it? Point-and-tap adventure that sees Holmes and Watson investigating the death of some Lord. Should You Care? Get it for your mum as a belated Mother’s Day gift.

Silent Hill: Homecoming (360) What Is it? The long overdue 360 version of the rather underwhelming fifth instalment in Konami’s survival horror series. Should You Care? Few people seemed to care when the PS3 and PC versions came out, but I think it’s worth a rental at least.


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