What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Dunno about you, but I'll be hitting people with a hammer this afternoon.

Hitting people with a hammer. On Mars.

I've got a Red Faction: Guerrilla multiplayer session lined up today. Last time I played it at a press preview a few weeks back, it was kinda chaotic. In a good way. Hopefully there'll be a bit more teamwork and strategy this time around.

Failing that though, gimme the stealth suit and the hammer and I'll be enjoying myself.

What are you playing today? Or, indeed, tomorrow?


    inFamous... ;) No not the demo...

    and will be downloading Uncharted Multiplayer later in the afternoon... thanks Kotaku! :)

      Doh! Have you received the code for U2 already? I thought they were getting sent out next week? Ah well =(

      How did you get infamous so early? That really could have tied over my hang over haha

    Going to finally finish off banjo kazooie nuts and bolts which by the way is one of the most frustrating games I have played. Nothing on the first two.

    Them I am going to hit up some Rainbow Six Vegas 2 which I picked up for half price ($25) at the EB midyear sales. Hopefully it will be better than Banjo.

    Well I got an E 74 so I'll be playing TF2, Farcry 2 or Sins of a Solar Empire...I need more PC games...

    Just got Viva Pinata 2, seems a definite improvement on what little of the first I played. Can't wait to sink my teeth in and start collecting those adorable paper critters!

    Also I downloaded Metal Arms; Glitch in the System from XBLA Originals. Loved it in the day, ANYONE who enjoyed Jet Force Gemini on the 64 owes it to themselves to play this game. A fantastic blend of platforming, action, tounge-in-cheek humor, huge levels with many a secret, awesome multiplayer... the list goes on. One of the top 10 X-Box games for sure. In fact the only downside would be the difficulty! Very much reccomended to anyone who loves the great 3rd person shooters\platformers.

    My copy of inFamous arrived on Thursday, so I'm going to continue playing that. Really having a great time with it!

    Might also play some Tomb Raider Underworld later on today/tomorrow.

    Sacred 2
    Test Drive Unlimited
    Spellforce 2
    Mass Effect
    and a bit of my C&C collection.

    Actually, I reckon I will play my Quake ONE series again too, its been a few months since I played it last. And them Mission packs are so much fun.


    Saw both Freedom Force games arrived on Steam this morning, extremely cheap too.

    So with any luck, "FOR FREEDOM!"

    Since I just noticed the new SR2 DLC on Live, I guess I'll be playing that! I saw the news story about it last week but thought it was just an announcement of something far off, I didn't release it was on Thursday...

    I might continue with Universe at War on PC, or I'll play Bully. It depends on if I can be bothered moving my speakers from my TV to my PC (which are next to each other) or not.

      I ended up spending all afternoon playing the RF:G multiplayer demo. Damned good fun (and I don't even like multiplayer!), can't wait for the full version. Rhino pack, mmm...

    Gotta kick some more arse with my wallet on Free Realms trading card game. Apart from that Dead Space needs finishing still..... and Im sure I will play some Field Runners at some stage.

    Red Faction: Guerilla offline campaign, and I like it a lot more than I thought I would.

    I started inFamous (no, not the demo) as an evil character because the majority of gamers would choose the good path, however I'm gonna start again as evil Cole just doesn't fit. From the first choice -- take the food or not -- you're chastised for being evil. Plausibility for being bad was totally canned and snuffed my motivation.

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