Sunday Supplement: "It’s the only thing that’s ever hugged her"

aliceandkevWelcome to your Sunday reservoir of interesting writing about video games. Grab your reading jacket, a cup of coffee and get ready to exercise the brain.

Experience Points: Fires in Africa: Politics in Far Cry 2 Part One of an excellent essay. Part Two can be found here.

OffWorld: Milo and Kate, or Artificial People Are The New Games Jim Rossignol suggests that the future of games is "artificial life".

Robin Burkinshaw: Alice And Kev Amazing visual diary of the lives of a homeless father and daughter in The Sims 3.

Click Nothing: Ethical Decision Making Ubisoft Montreal's Clint Hocking stimulates a fascinating debate around how ethical dilemmas in games differ from those in other media.

Hit Self-Destruct: Prometheus Unlocked Anyone who writes - or wants to write - about games should read this and feel inspired.



    I thought everyone realised that Artificial People are the New Games after the fifteenth Sims expansion pack was released.

    It's quite eye opening reading the homeless Sims story, followed by Clint Hocking lamenting once more the difficulties of telling stories in games.

    It could be speculated that the Sims represents the future of gaming, or at least a particular tangent that should be fully exploited - a game that naturally generates it's own emergent narrative. It would be interesting to see what would happen if you took the elaborate AI where each character has their own personality - hopes, traits etc and transposed it into another genre. I could see it working in an RPG setting. The Sims really isn't that far from an RPG to begin with when it comes down to it, but I wonder where it could lead in an open FPS game. Something like Flashpoint or ARMA where you've got a bunch of generated guys and a general direction and are then left more or less to your own devices.
    I suppose the need for actual dialogue might complicate things - the Sims simplified communication driven by body language and thought bubbles rather than actual speech does make the development of emergent narrative more likely.

    It's an exciting topic and one which bares more consideration and discussion. I think I need some kind of blog.

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