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    So is it okay to like Lleyton Hewitt again? I know he can be a dick but that was an awesome win this morning. Anyone else watching Wimbledon?

    1 1 was a racehorse
    2 2 was 1 2
    1 1 1 1 race
    2 2 1 1 2

      Darius, can I have some of what you're using?

        John, where Bill had "had", had "had had". "Had had" had had the teacher's approval.

        sure Bill, its called Imstuckatworkbutwanttobeplayingfalloutthreehydrate

    Alright... saw the new Transformers on the weekend, and as a result am currently having an argument with a chick and a bloke at work.

    The million dollar question;

    Megan Fox vs Miranda Kerr?

    My money's riding on Megan... :)

      I'd rather have other things riding on Megan Fox if you know what I mean.

    Why does the Australian gaming press not try to get answers from Microsoft regarding features of the NXE that aren't available in Oz?

    I want to know (specifically my wife) if we will be getting the Primetime channel and why we don't get an "Inside Xbox" channel.

    I find it annoying that there seems to be no push from our local gaming media on these questions and others that pertain to us specifically?(think local RockBand release date and still no release for Rock Band 2). I know we are a smaller market but most the time it feels like we are just ignored by the gaming companies and gaming press.

    Instead we get retro rubbish from Good Game and rehashed articles from an aussie view on IGN - Step up Kotaku please...

      We do that.

      Unfortunately, companies like Microsoft don't tend to want to talk about things unless they actually plan to launch them. Rest assured, we do ask about this stuff on a regular basis, but when there's no news, there's nothing for us to report.

        Exactly, just like Sony and PlayTV...

        and already know possibly why you didn't reference the other game in MunKyLover post (Rock Band 2)... because there is no news...

        I'll still bite, do you feel as though Rock Band 2 will ever hit AU shores?

        Or possibly Rock Band Unplugged on the PSP, as I find it amusing that I can purchase DLC for this game but unable to buy the game locally...

          I've hit EA up with some questions around Rock Band. Will let you know if/when they reply.

        Exactly why I prefer to get my gaming news from Kotaku :) - I know you guys at least try to get the answers for our localised questions but it still annoys me that the majority of gaming news sites just pass around the myriad of press releases companies hand out rather than doing some real journalism...

    What do you guys reckon -

    Buy a 120GB HDD ($168 online price) upgrade for my current 20GB xbox.


    Upgrade to an Elite package, e.g. the JB's have it for $499, which includes 3 games. I'd want it to be a Jasper chipset, however.



      I went to the red RE5 Elite bundle a couple months ago and havn't looked back. The xbox HDD by themselves are a complete rip (unless you can import one off ebay new, then it's only an 80% rip off).

        Mm..yeah, I was thinking an upgrade is a better idea, considering the rip-off factor.

        It looks like they don't have any of the RE5 bundles left. I recall they have the new Jasper chipset.

        Guess the only way to find out if the black Elite's are Jasper's is to physically look at them.

        Btw, what did you do with your old Xbox? See, other than *attempting* to sell it, that's the aspect I find a bit of a waste imo.

      Before you do anything, I'd check your warranty. If you have a sizable about of time left, keep the console and just install a new HDD.

      @HotDamn!: Yes you are right, the Red Elites have the Jasper board. The dead give away is use less power and don't generate as much heat.

        So, you, conversely, think it's worth it over a whole console upgrade?

        Re. my warranty - I think I have another year on it after the MS extension. My box has already RROD'd once.

        I'd take WiseHacker's advice. Stick with your current console while its under warranty and upgrade the hard drive if you must. Then by the time your warranty expires, a brand new console will be much cheaper and more reliable - and there may even be new new model above the Elite by then.

    I don't know how this will be received but here goes anyway.
    I absolutely love this news site and spend a lot of time browsing through it pages daily and this is my point. Is there any chance you guys will redesign your front page so it can display more on the cover page instead of making us scan through upto 6-8 pages to keep informed.
    You guys really do seem to come up with the best articles and I would love to be able to access them quicker from the front page. Even 2 columns would be great.

    Well that just my opinion. As a suggestion I rather like the Evil Avatar setup.


      I'm with ROM on this one. RSS is the only way I access Kotaku content, as the homepage just annoys me.

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