LunchTimeWaster: Upgrade Complete

upgrade-complete-pic-1One of the joys of gaming comes when you're able to unlock and buy more stuff to improve your character or vehicle. Upgrade Complete takes this mechanic to its logical conclusion.

You have to buy everything.

From the front-end menu to the soundtrack, from more powerful weapons for your ship to the ability to even read the copyright text, you have to pay for it with in-game currency.

At heart, Upgrade Complete is a basic scrolling shooter. But it's really a razor-sharp satire of the hoops games make us jump through in order to complete them.

I just bought the background image for the menu. I'm so sad.

Upgrade Complete [Armor Games]


    I've beaten the game twice... once with a score of 110%, the other time without even upgrading the graphics or all of my ship parts.

    It's a fun game, but there is a sort of problem with the percentages... :P

      I think the percentage ties in to the Game Over screen. As in "You're so awesome you beat this game 110%!"

      Funnily enough, I didn't consider the game beaten until I had upgraded everything possible, requiring 4 or 5 extra play-throughs of wave 20. I think the games message may have been lost on me =P

    This game is awesome =D
    Good for a spare half an hour or so.

    Ha! I actually played all the way through this.

    Haha wow I literally just came to kotaku to get the email address so I could submit this game. It's rather excellent.

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