PC Gamers: This Is How You Get Your Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition

Activision announced last week the night vision-tastic Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition is coming to Australia. But only for consoles, not PC.

But it seems there is a way for PC gamers to get their hands on a novelty toy pretty cool limited edition bundle, after all.

Kotaku reader Brett tells us he was at an EB Games store in Sydney to pre-order the game and asked about the PC version. EB staff apparently told Brett if he really wanted the Prestige Edition for PC, there was a "workaround".

Basically, it involves purchasing an Xbox 360 or PS3 version of the Prestige Edition, and a (regular) PC copy, then on release you can immediately trade in the Xbox 360/PS3 copy of the game for $80 cash back.

The key is that when you trade in the console version, you're just trading in the game - not all the swag that came with it. Sure, you might end up spending slightly more than the $200 RRP of the console Prestige Edition. But at least you can play Modern Warfare 2 on your PC and wear night vision goggles at the same.

Any PC gamers out there interested in testing this "workaround"?


    There is a slim chance I would get the Prestige version,if I do, I'll test this out

    I don't think I could justify forking out for the price tag.

    Yeah it works I had this shady scam organised before they released it could be done best idea is to price match to somewhere like Big W. Usually they sell it cheaper then trade it in get even more bang for your buck.

    yeah i use to work from eb and yeah this will work. when tradeing game no need for eb to have the other crap.the intrest is in the DISK and CASE only... GET SOME!!

    Hell, don't trade it back to EB for $80, trade to JB and you'll probably get $100 for it (assuming $120 retail), and it might not even cost you anything extra to do this.

    I'll "test" it if Kotaku wants to pay for it for me ;)

    or you could just import it from a site like play asia and not only save money but get it officially boxed and everything

    That way you miss out on the classic CoD though. This is disappointing because it's probably actually better than the new game.

    The best thing to do is just buy standard. They're only hurting themselves not offering prestige edition here.

    All I can see is the whole world without colors and ranks!

    I'll give it a go.

    If I really wanted the PC game and night-vision goggles, I think I'd rather buy the game alone and then spend the remaining $100+ on a pair of better goggles.

    If you can grab the game from somewhere that does a 7-day exchange like GAME and EBGames, grab it from there, and use the rest of the cash on preorders or any other stuff you want at the time. You'll still end up spending the price of both versions, but at least you'll get a bunch of other stuff too. I know I'm getting Assassin's Creed, so if I were chasing MW2's Prestige Edition, this'd work great.

    Standard fare, I used to work for EB for nearly two years-- People would do this shit all the time, especially with Guitar Hero, or console bundles with shit games (360 with Lego Indy and Kung Fu Panda comes to mind) Bonus, if you have an 'edge' card (you should have got one of those with your console purchase for free, otherwise its just not worth the $10... unless you want to do this more often) you can get an extra 10% on that $80 trade, making it $88.

    Buy the Prestige edition, pay your $199, trade in the game with the edge card, brings total cost down to $111, then pricematch the PC copy to JB's price of $79, and your total cost is... $190.

    For all those suggesting to trade to JB instead, the only reason EB is offering the $80 is for store credit, and it will drop down to something along the $50 mark a week later, so its an incentive to spend the extra 'trade dollars' (they feed that bullshit to employees too) in the store. In this case, thats what you're doing.

    Lol... Im sure EB management are sooo pleased that this employee opened his big mouth and that its now published here..

      Are you kidding? Once they have the game back as 'pre-owned', all profits from its sale go straight to them. They probably tell their employees to spread the news!

      I don't see how...if anything this is giving business. Potential buyers of the prestige edition, who of which don't have a console now have news they can do it this way.

    EB will definately do it for you. I've got the prestige edition ordered on 360, and the standard game on PC. After trading in the 360 game, and price matching the PC version it will cost $200. As for trading at JB - I did that once & it took way too long.

    This is encouraged throughout all stores. Nothing wrong with it - just ask them about it, and if they don't believe you ask them to go into the intranet and look in the PC section promotions.

    I will be doing this for sure

    I'm an EB employee at the moment, and I can confirm that there's nothing shady or illegal about doing this.

    You're free to get the prestige edition on 360/PS3 for $200, then trade in the game disc on it's own (you can even keep the limited-edition case if you want, just trade it in with another 360/PS3 case) for $80, and then put it towards your PC version, which is only $100.

    Or, you could pricematch the PC version if you really wanted, and get it for cheaper so long as one of our competitors has it for cheaper. I don't know any particular competitors who would have it cheaper *couch*JB-Hifi*cough* so I can't give a particular price *couch*$79*cough*.

    thats nice of em...they didnt need to do it, so still very nice of em

    Why no love for PC? it's where video games come from, generally PC version ares cheaper too indicating they must be less expensive to publish on.

    Ugh anyone could have told PC gamers that, not a freaking EB "expert"

    Is Activision moving from Game Publisher to Selling Night Vision Goggles?

    Yeah, I pre-ordered my PC copy from JB for $79 (Apparently I'm supposed to say "cough" after that) lol.

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