Reader Review: Ghostbusters

Do you have what it takes to get a review published right here on Kotaku? Kirsty does, as she ain't afraid of no Ghostbusters video game.

Yes, that’s right, we’re now publishing reader reviews here on Kotaku. This is your chance to deliver sensible game purchasing advice to the rest of the Kotaku community.

This review was submitted by Kirsty Cochrane. If you’ve played Ghostbusters, why don’t you let Kirsty know whether you agree or disagree with her thoughts.

Ghostbusters (PS3, PS2)

For those unfamiliar with Ghost Busters, here's a primer: There's ghosts, you zap them and trap them. In this incarnation of the franchise, you find yourself playing the part of a new recruit to the Ghost Busters team. You follow his progress as he learns the ropes during a supernatural shitstorm.

Loved Proton Pack - What child of the 80s could resist the opportunity to wreak havoc with this weapon?

Authenticity - Not only is the writing spot on, but the voice acting and the mannerisms of each of the characters are incredibly accurate. There’s no doubt that you’re playing a Ghost Busters game.

Hated Proton Pack - Such an unwieldy weapon, the game is constructed in the form of a shooter, except it’s difficult to predict where a stream is going to go with any accuracy. At least until you’ve purchased the appropriate upgrade.

Lacking Gameplay - After a short while, it simply wasn’t enjoyable and the fact that you don’t get to participate in the climax at the end is heart breaking.

Finally, I'd like to finish up with a haiku: Who you gonna call? EB games to trade it in! went with Prototype.

Reviewed by: Kirsty Cochrane

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    Yosh! you finally upped the word limit.

    You get more for your trade if you take it to GAME...

    Otherwise, I loved the review!

    First Ghostbusters.. then Prototype?
    Wow you like punishment

    I loved the Haiku.
    It made well the whole review.
    Stay classy Kirsty.

    Good review - accurate too. I'd like to note the stupidity of the AI and the freezing up in the Library level as being HUGE breaking points for the game

    But as Dean said, Kirsty you must love punishment - Prototype is awful... truly awful...

    Prototype was good, until I got to some massive tree of flesh, then I stopped playing. I expect I'll pick it up again soon though.

    I didn't even know this got published lol, I kept an eye on things for a while after I submitted it, but I must have been too busy playing Prototype.

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