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    Hey David do you send out receipt emails for competition entries? Emailed through an entry for the Monster Hunter comp, just want to make sure you got it!


      No, I don't. But I did get yours.

        Sorry to be a pain dave, but the same with mine. I sent 2 last night and i just want to make sure you received them both as i put a fair bit of effort in them lol

    Hey guys and gals of Kotaku.
    Lets see if we can get people talking lol

    I want to know 2 things.

    1. What release are you realllllly looking forward to?

    2. Whats your favorite game of all time, if you have one?

    For me, i'm really looking forward to stuff like assassins creed 2 and ghostbusters on 360 (apparently higher quality that the ps3 one??) and wii

    and number 2, the original fallout is easily one of my favorite games of all time... but thats one of a long list lol.

      1: Starcraft II - Although no LAN play is a bit strange ( i still think there will be with authentication to bnet first) and its coming in instalments i cant wait! The battle reports look awesome, looking forward to playing online with my friends.

      2: All time favourite is almost impossible to pick. PC id go with System Shock 2, Tie Fighter, Warcraft III, RtCW, Dune II...ahhh too hard to choose!

        haha yeh the battle reports are pretty rad - love the comentators. Almost like watching a real sport and they get so excited!

      Battlefield 1943 has really caught my attention. If the original fun translates to console goodness I'll be writing off a few large chunks of time(/life)!

      As for a favourite game of all time it has got to be Ocarina of Time (it's almost cliche I know). The first game I got truly hooked on was Microprose Grand Prix... or maybe X-Com... They were all good times!

        yeah i had xcom interceptor which was awesome fun but totally diff to all the other xcom games.
        Don't worry about being cliche'... the reasons these games are cliche' is because they are so good.

        X-Com: Terror From the Deep was always my favourite, so hard until you developed mind control and mag lite armour.

    Here's a tip - If you have GH:WT instruments - you should return them.

    Recently I got my brothers broken guitar and drum set off him. I sent the guitar back on a Monday, got a brand new one (and new sticker sheets!) on Friday.

    Last week I sent back in his broken drum set body, just the 3 pads part of it, and yesterday I received a new drum body, AND cymbals, AND foot pedal, AND stand, and most puzzling of all, a new microphone?

    So clearly the guys at their warranty centre throw the received ones in the bin and just send out a packed up kit straight from the factory floor.

    Now that I have a working drum set for the first time ever, playing drums in rock band is SOOO rad!

      I got that too, and swapped a slightly touchy old cymbal for a new one, and gave the microphone to a friend. Second kick pedal would be good for expert+ I presume.

      Thanks for the tip!

      I would love to play drums in Rock Band with my GH:WT kit but as a PS3 owner I am out of luck due to no patch released by Harmonix for RB1 and no release date in sight for RB2.

      David, did you end up getting any traction in contacting EA/Harmonix?

    Chuloopa!I just wanted to say your name with an exclamation mark for some reason.


    - AC2: This is looking h-o-t. I am really excited about the new setting in Italy. Having been there for a couple of weeks not long ago I've got a real affinity for the place. The fact that a lot of it is based in Florence is very cool; the 'Cradle of Renaissance'. The developers look like they've improved a lot on the more 'uncool' play mechanics of the first.

    - Bioshock 2: The first blew my mind. Whilst I'm slightly apprehensive about the sequel not living up to the standard of the first, I am feeling better about it each update 2K provides. I'm intrigued how the story will unfold. The fact that they're quite open about a better 'final boss' is noteworthy too.

    2. A tough one...

    - Silent Hill (PSOne): I don't think I've ever played something so mature, dark and unsettling in my young life until that game came along. It certainly left a mark and ushered me into appreciating the investigative-horror genre.

    Just a quick question for everyone, is anyone playing online through 3g Wireless broadband? Im about to get hooked up on monday and wanted to play PS3 online.

    I will tell of my experience next talk amongst yourselves for those interested.

    West Ham News time :)

    Balint Bajner, a young Hungarian striker, returned to his former club after his loan spell ended.

    Jack Lampe, a young 17 year old Central Defender signed overnigh from Harlow Town.

    Also, we're reportedly going to sign the Southampton Goalkeeper Kelvin Davies as backup to Robert Green(So we'll have YET ANOTHER Davies in the Premier League)

      I think Davis (minus the 'e') wants to stay at Saints now their takeover has gone through. Respect him for that.

    Anyone seen a release date for Prinny: Can I really be the Hero? on PSP? EB give me blank looks when I ask them if they've got a release date for it & the release dates I've seen range from back in June sometime, right through until late July..

    Any ideas?

      PSP games aren't regioned, so you could always import it if you really want it. It might be harder to find now, as I understand it was a fairly niche game and had a limited release which has pretty much sold out. Play-Asia say it's out of print.

      Your best bet might be ordering via NISA directly. They seem to still have stock of all the deluxe sets with the soundtrack and the hero prinny plush and stuff too.

        Had been holding out for the local release in the incredibly off chance they'd localise the DLC for Prinny. I'm starting to realise that this is a fool's crusade as Sony AU seems to not give a rats about the Australian PSP PSN store (does it even get updated anymore?) these days...

        It's not impossible to create a US PSN account. You just need a valid US postcode / address combination, then you can use US PSN prepaid cards to buy anything that costs money, though that can be a tad expensive. I think the Prinny DLC is free though? I find it quite useful to have US, JP and AU PSN accounts, there are a lot of things we miss out on.

    I want to bitch about the kotaku site refreshing itself all the time. annoying. someone fix that - for the good of humanity.

      I couldn't agree more. It irks me so bad when you're writing a comment and the stupid thing refreshes. Or when you internet is shaped and the page refreshes halfway through watching a video you let buffer for a few minutes.

      Iv tried looking for a Firefox extension or Greasemonkey plugin to override this behaviours but really, it does seem quite redundant on Kotaku's part.

        uurrggghhh, yeah, i've been caught out by the refresh while watching a video more than once.

        hate hate hate.

      Here here!

      Really annoying when I'm just trying to read the front page (maybe I should read faster?) but I don't even see why it needs to refresh so often?

      Thanks for updating the comments system!

      Oh and most anticipated game of the year? Starcraft 2. Even without LAN play, the no-cd stuff Blizzard have done for Starcraft 1 and Warcraft 3 give me some confidence they'll figure something painless out.

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