Who Won Monster Hunter And A PSP?

monster-hunter-pic-1Phew! This was easily the toughest competition I've had to judge here at Kotaku.

There were so many awesome entries that narrowing it down to just four winners has taken me days. I could barely sleep last night, so painful has the decision been.

But the time has now come.

To recap: we're giving away four copies of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and four PSPs to play it on. You had to send us a mock screenshot of your monster hunting exploits.

These four entries mocked it up the best.

First, the utter nonsense of Hamish W hitting with social justice for massive damage. I love the top hats.


Second, Bounnong S gives it his best O-face as the tables are turned and the hunter becoming the hunted:


Third, Troy C provies the comp's best weapon:


Finally, Eric C's decision to use all his mega mustard comes back to haunt him in the second part of his entry:



Thanks so much to everyone who submitted a screenshot, almost all of them made me laugh. Thanks for all your efforts. To the winners, I'll be in touch shortly to arrange delivery of your prizes.


    Congrats guys, great ideas there and what an awesome prize to win....
    *sniffles*.... Was I even close David????

    Aw. Not even an honourable mention. :(

    Congrats to the winners.

      I'll post a selection of the "honourable mentions" tomorrow!

    next time i guess

    These were my 2 submissions



    great winning entries :P
    Thanks David / Kotaku for the great comp
    and Capcom for the prizes

      Capcom's distributor - THQ actually for providing the prizes

    Good fun comp! Look forward to more of these in the future! Well done people

      Yea i love the ones that ask for people to make a picture or video

      sure beats the old "25 words or less" type thing

    Great entries. I'm glad I didn't enter, I would have been shamed against these guys.

    All of them winning picture looks hilarious!
    Congrats to all the winners!

    Aww :(

    Congrats to all the winners. I loved the steak one :)

    woohoo thanks for picking us, made my whole year...had a fun time making the screenhots. please make more creative comps like this kotaku.

    HOLY CRAP!!!
    thanks so much!!!
    i'm so endlessly pumped! this is so so frakin cool!

    Well done to all the other winners too.

    I spent AGES working on my entries - and dave i don't blame you for not choosing the one in which i'm wearing a french maids outfit lol

    thanks again!

      Well done mate :) I enjoy your comments on this site so I'm glad you won! But, man, I really want to see the maid outfit now!!!

      I hope you get to see my second entry, I sent in the cookie monster pic which was earlier, which I turned into a comic strip for my next try, but alas I did not win, but my photoshop skills have certainly improved :D

    Wow, I'm having trouble trying to express how utterly awesome this is over all my cheering.
    Thank you Mr Goose, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

    hrmmm? sill haven't been contacted yet?... you must be a busy man David. :)

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