Reader Review: Wipeout HD: Fury

Reader Review: Wipeout HD: Fury

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This review was submitted by Isaac Rooskov. If you’ve played Wipeout HD: Fury, or just want to ask Isaac more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Wipeout HD: Fury (PS3)

Wipeout HD is a fast paced, adrenaline filled, futuristic racer, presented in 1080p glory; Wipeout HD: Fury is an expansion pack to revolutionise the series.

Visuals – It’s true, the visuals for the original Wipeout HD were fantastic, reminding me of how eye-popping the Speed Racer Blu-Ray movie visuals are. It is also true that this expansion pack obviously doesn’t improve upon this but I’d like to see another racing game do better.

More Of What We Already Had – With an additional 8 tracks that can be played in reverse, 13 new ships and 6 added music tracks, this expansion pack is a game unto itself. Sure all the tracks are from earlier games in the Wipeout series but even if you have played them before, you haven’t played them like this!

New Race Modes – 3 new race modes have been added, Eliminator, Zone Battle, and Detonator. Eliminator sees the player attempting to blast all others out of the race, Zone Battle pushes the player to be the first to a certain Zone level and Detonator is another Zone-type mode where the objective is to blast bombs and the alike that littered on the track, in order to reach a certain point level.

New Menu – Some will love it, others will hate it. The change of the vehicle selection menu to the hexagon layout of the campaign event menu feels like an unnecessary change. It does add menu continuity but the selection experience doesn’t seem as clean and crisp as it once was.

This expansion pack is really a new HD experience. If you don’t have Wipeout HD yet, $43.90 Australian for the original plus Wipeout HD: Fury is a bargain when compared to what retail racing games include.

Reviewed by: Isaac Rooskov

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  • ….he did not just refference speed racer in his review… oh dear god…

    -shakes head-

    and the only thing he hated was the menu? seriously? you hated the menu so much you mentioned it in the review as your only hate?

    • there really isn’t much to hate about the game though…

      Even though HD really wasn’t missing anything, the Fury expansion really does complete the game and for under $50, it’s got alot of value in there.

      Personally, I want them to start on a new game, with new tracks… it seems to far between a full blown console version that isn’t using re-hashed tracks…

      or a complete remake of 2097 with the HD engine!!! *drools*

    • i’d have to agree that the only thing you could hate about this expansion is the menu change, its pure wipeout goodness ahoy-hoy.
      oh, elite difficulty is punishing, but that’s not a bad thing…

  • nice review!
    i just picked this up the other day, new race modes are interseting varients of the orginals, love it!

  • i actually hated the original menu and so did others obviously, i mean they changed it, so this makes me want to try it out even more

  • Track and vehicle selection is so much better in Fury. You can easily see what’s available and navigate to it with just the d-pad. The old style with flipping through options – available or not – with L1/R1 was slower and less straight forward. The white colour scheme was much nicer than the new black one though.

  • I have to admit that I haven’t had a look to see if you can change the menu back to the way it was -> now that you have mentioned that I will take a look 🙂 Like I said, for some it will be what they have wanted, it just wasn’t what I wanted 😉

    A fully new Wipeout HD would be great! I hadn’t played Wipeout since the original Playstation so all the tracks have been new to me.

    • Don’t worry Paul, there is always someone who sucks more, and that person is me 😛 I’m not stuck there but rest assured that although I love to play games and play them a lot, I continue to suck at them 😛

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