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I’ll be promoting this post each morning until Sunday to let the conversation continue all week. Makes more sense than starting a new comments thread every day.

Talk amongst yourselves below…


    I dont know if this is possible but if you eat nothing but corn for a week will you poo a yellow corn log?

      I believe you should try this and report back with your findings next week

      I think I feel dumber for having read that. Try 4chan instead - They'll help answer it!

    did u know- running a 150w computer for 12hours a day every day for a year consumes 394.9kg of coal in power generating.

      I see watt you did there, the pun is in your name!

        Some shocking humour there...

      what the hell is a jiggawatt?

    Is Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements worth a buy for $10?


    I don't like my gamer name, " Ollycity". It's straight and to the point, but is really retarded. The only reason i chose it is because in year 4 my fingers were hovering over the beige keyboard, wondering what to type in for the username field, on the sign-up page of , um, sigh, runescape. I know.
    i thought it would be easy to remember, cos my name is Olly C. but i'm beginning to have doubts.

    SO, can someone please tell me whether its bad enough that i should go ahead and change my gamertag, because i want to get someone elses perspective on it.

      A name's a name. It's certainly unique and doesn't sound overly generic, such as AzN_bOy_69. I think to test the name you should try and have someone address you by it (online FPS's with voice chat work well for that, such as TF2). If you don't cringe at the sound or thought of it then you've got yourself a decent name. And just for the record, I'd pronounce your name such that it rhymes with "Felicity"; breaking it down to "Olly-city" is a bit too slow for me I think.


    Has anyone seen soulja boy's various videos about gaming on youtube?
    A comment pretty much summed them up: " If aliens come to Earth to evaluate humans, hide Soulja Boy".
    Here's his opinionx on Braid, in which you have infinite go back in time-potion.

    ok, i'm watching good game right now.. and they are just doing their review of ashes cricket... it makes me wondered, are these guys getting paid off for these reviews?

    they haven't said a bad thing about it, it's almost the complete oposite to what david said.

    Not only that, but while they're saying how great and easy to use it is, you see the score is sitting at 6/40-something runs? WTF?

    It's the ABC, they're not being paid off, but they just talked to Ricky Ponting, so maybe something about that? I agree with you, the demo was boring and slow, the commentary was dry and the faces looked like someone drew them on using MS paint

    i just don't feel like they are being honest..

    has anyone else noticed they seem to switch from week to week between who likes the casual games more and who likes the core games?

    I don't think that the scores are very reliable, as both Junglist and Bajo talked very positively about the game, didn't mention the lag, which is apparently a problem, and then BAM 7 out of 10. It maybe due to editing, in which case i nearly fell asleep during last nights game industry piece. The Swinbourne Uni guy spent literally 30 seconds talking about how in the future you will need a degree to get into the industry.

    Has anyone in Australia actually tried Xbox Community Games (AKA Xbox Live Indie Games)?

    Yes I'm aware they're not available in Oz, but if you create an account with an American address, you can download the trials.

    I saw one that is a virtual fish tank. Ultimately useless, but pretty graphics and some form of gameplay makes it sound pretty good for US $2

    Anyone watch Ire vs Aus this morning?

    Got my copy of Alone in the Dark Ltd Ed from game yesterday.
    How's this for a slice of awesome, they also chuked in a copy of FORZA 2 for nothing - sure there was no case and the dvd was scratched to shit, but we have an industrial DVD buffer at work, so that was fixed in no time.

    Seriously that was so cool of them, i think i'll certainly be buying with GAME online again... such awesome service for $19 with free freight hehe

    Also, just checking as i do every week, everyone still waiting on their PSP's to arrive? lol - jeezus i'm impatient and really hanging out for these...

      Dude your PSP should be coming my one this morning!!! :D

        got mine too now! haha fook yeh!!

        thanks so much kotaku! :D

    anybody got mvc2 on ps3 in australia yet?

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