What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'll be checking out two drastically different shooters this weekend.

I've got Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising in the 360. I'll be checking out the second of two missions included in the preview disc.

I've also got The Conduit in the Wii. It's been out a few weeks now, but I haven't had the chance to play it until now.

I think I'll go with Flashpoint first, then switch my brain off for the Conduit.

What are you playing this weekend?


    i'm tossing up about conduit, as a Wii/DS owner, I really should support it.
    i'm still in to Knights in the nightmare and next up Rune Factory 2. The DS RPG library is massive.

    The infamous Red Ring of Death have circumcised my video game playing ability this weekend. Long live microsoft hardware/software.

      Ditto that ma brother - mine's off to the xbox fairies in Chullora...

    -L4D if my mates are up for a game
    -Order of War demo (grabbed off Steam last night)
    -Maybe Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, if I can make the damn thing work (it didn't install a singleplayer executable!? I'll try reinstalling again...)

      Oh, and Space Invaders: Infinity Gene on my iPhone. First app I've paid for on the thing, and the game is bloody good fun if I do say so myself.

      So I'm TRYING to play COH: Opposing Fronts. It won't let me play AT ALL unless I download over a gb worth of patches. WHAT THE HELL? And then I tried to play Tales of Valor bought off Steam... my account is banned BEFORE IT'S EVEN CREATED.

      This, combined with the joke of a DoW2 launch, officially makes Relic the worst game producer of all time. That's THREE games I've bought from them that cannot physically be played. THREE.

        CD cracks from pirate torrents fixed my problems with both games, meaning I can now play both CoH games I paid for. Just like when my legit Dawn of War 2 didn't work! Hooray for piracy...

    Damn, I was hoping the second shooter game would be Water Warfare...the superior Wii online shooter, in my dishonest opinion... =D

    Half-Life 2! Was talking about it with a mate the other day it made me want to play it again! Such a brilliant game.

    let us know how OF goes. Looks like a game i want to get when its out

    I'm looking forward to your write up on the 10th about flashpoint 2!

    Grabbed Giana Sisters DS on Friday, so I'll be giving that some time.

    Grabbed a copy of escape from Monkey Island. Heard it was crap, but I have to at least try to finish it before delving into Tales... OCD is a wonderful thing. Oh, and I also want to finish Psychonauts before Brutal Legend comes out.

    The Batman: Arkham Asylum demo. A lot, apparently...

    Probably some more Anno 1404/Dawn of Discovery.

    Wonder Boy 5 in Monster World (via Virtual Console). MegaDrive awesomeness. It will also really stress the graphics capabilities of the Wii.

    picked up fallout 3 on ps3 for 50 bucks... gonna play that this weekend, and probably several more weekends too haha... gotta say, it fkn awesome!!

    The Steam Indie game pack, has made my weekend. I am a platformer fan, and it seems Christmas has come early.

    Picked up a limited edition copy of Blazblue today at SMASH, so that's what I'll be mainly playing this weekend!

    Cracking out a classic... Torment.

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