What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'll be finishing off Alan Wake today and also checking out a few of the bargain downloads I snagged during the week.

I've got Civ IV's expansions and Colonization, thanks to a 75% Steam deal. And five cool indie games, thanks to the Humble Indie Bundle. I've already played World of Goo and Aquaria, but I'm keen to check out the mysterious-looking Penumbra, especially after my time with Alan Wake.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I'm still playing Mass Effect 2. It's awesome!

      Just finished FFXIII finally. The ending was TOTALLY worth it all. In the context of the story it just felt so perfect and complete.

      Now, I'm going out to drink responsibly this evening, and tomorrow I shall probably make a start on Bayonetta finally.

        Have fun with Bayonetta, it is just awesome!

    Going to finish off Dragon age again, then i may get stuck into some Oblivion. Is the retail version of Torchlight avalable in Australia?, i've been looking for it in shops and no one has it.

      So I got a Nintendo DS from EB today for the stupidly low price of $38, and the guy at the counter gave me the wrong charger, either that or this charger is just broken. So now I’m stuck with a DS that turns on for like 5 seconds then just turns off. I’d normally never get a preowned console, but as a full time uni student with no job I’m not exactly swimming in cash Scrooge McDuck style. This is the first preowned console I’ve ever gotten and it’s not off to a good start.

      What games should I get?, I want RPG and action games. I already picked up FF3.

        * Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is a wonderfully clever and inventive action-RPG.
        * Etrian Odyssey is a grind-heavy, party-based Roguelike RPG. Demanding but rewarding.
        * Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is a great strategy RPG with puzzle-based combat. Think Puzzle Quest but better.
        * Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia is the best Castlevania on DS. 'Nuff said.

        Also check out Chrono Trigger and any of the Final Fantasy remakes/reissues, if you never played them originally.

          Good suggetions, I'm personally more into the turn based RPG games than the tactics style ones, but i'll try anything, I'll skip Chrono trigger as i've finished it like 8 times already, but this Etrian Odyssey sounds interesting. The only Castlevania i saw was called "Portrait of Ruin" is that one any good?

          I totally blew all my day-one Red Dead Redemption money, but screw it, i needed a new handheld console, i hardly use my PSP these days, and the last gameboy i got was a bloody Gameboy pocket i got from a garage sale like 10 years ago for $2

            Definitely track down Clash of Heroes then. Portrait of Ruin is fine, it's just that Ecclesia is superior - and harder.

              The Ecclesia game literally disappeared when I clicked refresh from EB’s website (I guess someone got the only copy), it sucks that EB don’t let you buy online with 80% of their games, and they no longer do store to store game delivery. So the fact that EB have one copy of the game is some store in the middle of WA isn’t great. Oh well, I’m off to get the this charger exchanged with one that actually works.

              Can't go wrong with Pokemon HG/SS.

              Not exactly Action or RPG but the Phoenix Wright games are great adventure games. They're a bit hard to find though so you might have to import them.

                Can someone explain to me how i will know if my DS is actually charging?, i put in the charger and all i see is a red light in the bottom right corner for like 2 seconds, then is switches itself off. I thought it was the charger, but the guy at the store said the console was stuffed, so i switched it for a different console, i even got a new charger, i made sure to ask the guy about 5 times if this one was working he said yes, as soon as i get home this thing dosent charge either, i've tried it in 3 different outlets and nothing.

                I didnt expect great quality when i got a preowned DS but this is stupid. What are the freaking odds that the only 2 phat DS consoles they had with this offer are both screwed in the same way?.

                  Admittedly I haven't had a DS phat, but if the console is off, the DS lite light goes orange for charging and then off when the battery is charged.

      I got it dirt cheap on Steam. It's pretty good!

    StarCraft 2 beta =D
    Also going to a gaming party of sorts tonight so probably some Brawl and Mario Bros Wii amongst other things.

    I am going to play a good portion of Dragon Age, maybe a few chapters of Valkiria Chronicals and a bit more God of war 2

    More FFXIII. I'm nearly in Pulse.

    God it's taken me a while.

      I just finished it. Stick with it, it just goes from strength to incredible strength when you hit Pulse.

    I picked up GTA: Episodes from Liberty City yesterday. I am loving it! It's hilarious and brutal fun.

    I'll be finishing off FFXIII this weekend. I'm at chapter 13 and it's feeling like the conclusion. Clocked up 80 hours on it so far.

    Quite envious of you David.

    I'll be getting my Reach on most of the weekend. Invasion came out this morning and it's pretty good, although I'm enjoying Invasion Slayer more than standard Invasion. I think it's more because I'm not playing with friends, and teamwork is key to get that data core back to the drop ship.

    Reach. Lots of it. My brother just picked up gears 1, fear, and dead space again to rebolster our game collection, but I've been putting in some serious reach time with my friends. Anyone ele enjoying it as much as me?

      Hell Yes! I am loving every minute of it! I have already played over 130 games and racked up over 1800 kills! The new abilities and modes they have added have completely changed the game, for the better. I was not a big fan of Halo 3 online, but Reach has totally sucked me back in. Reminds me why I fell in love with Halo 1 and 2.

      If I ever stop playing the Halo Reach Beta, I'll be playing the SC2 Beta and Super Street Fighter IV.

    I'm going to be playing Major Assessment Hell, in a struggle to finish the time trial mode on the final three stages. Failure is not an option, as having to start the each level over results in several thousand dollars being charged to my student loans.

      I've been playing that game non stop for 2 weeks, just finished yesterday, w00t w00t

    I'm currently on a mission to finidh my Advance Wars games :P

    I've got the same bundles as you, but I'm playing Dragon Age at the moment.

    Super street fighter IV! Which I will play tomorrow after I come home from a Prince of Persia advance screening.

    Gonna try and sink into Nier for the weekend :)

    Reach beta, and praying I finished Childrens Week in WoW. Only School Of Hard Knocks to go, and I don't want to wait a year from my Violet Proto-Drake.

    Same as last week.

    Lots of Monster Hunter Tri online.

      Monster Hunter also, but offline. Need to get my gear collection up to scratch and master the switch axe.

    Oh whoops, replied to the wrong post, sorry Mr. Wildgoose ;_;

    still playing prototype here - it's taking forever due to the fact that A. i only have limited gaming time and B. i'm spending more time exploring and blowing s*** up than actually playing the game itself.

    Might play some Quake Wars with a mate as well... I may be a masochist with how much i'm having fun whilst having my posterior whipped over and over again.

    Still putting in solid hours into FFXIII (complements of David and Ubisoft), nearly 20 hours in and it's finally starting to get interesting!
    Thanks again to David and Ubisoft for an awesome competition and prizes!

    Zeno clash call of duty 1-5 and Pokemon platinum

    @ Andrew Burdusel
    it got delayed a the last 27th of may new street date

    Halo Reach Beta and final runthrough of Mass Effect ('perfect' story, Ashley & Garrus ally achievements)!

    starcraft 2 beta =D
    love it

      Same, although my win-loss ratio at the moment is absolutely terrible. :(

        I haven't even gone through my placement matches yet...I did, however, win my first one =D

    Right now playing the Halo Reach Beta - te amount of time the game seems to spend looking for players is about double the length of an actual match - they need to fix that up as their first order of business!

    I'll be playing Splinter Cell: Conviction, Forza 3 and Mass Effect. Not a bad bit of diversity me thinks!

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