Bargain Hunter: This Wii Bundle Fits The Bill

For a record-selling console, there are quite a few very enticing Nintendo Wii retail bundles happening right now. Here's one of them.

Target is currently offering a console bundle including Wii Fit for just $430. That is, they're essentially selling the Wii for $300.

Which is great news.

The bad news is that I have been slack in bringing this to your attention and the offer actually ends tomorrow. Sorry 'bout that.

Have a photo of a pretty girl playing Wii Fit by way of compensation.


    $419 at GAME. Exact same deal

      Nice work.

    game has wii and wii fit for 419

    Not as good as Game but EB: Wii Console for $297+ Wii fit $127= Bundle $424.

    I do my bestest :-D

    Your compensation is accepted and approved of.

      Although she looks like she's about 14?

        My thoughts exactly... odd that she has such huge feet

        And you will now burn in the inner circles of hell for oggling children.

        id burn for eternity after this life if i could have that... she looks 15-16 to me which is acceptable since im 18 :D

        She's like 15.... >.>

    Game also has the Wii + additional Remote + additional Nunchuk + Zapper w/ Links Crossbow Training + crappy plastic sports accessory kit for 449$. The extra remote and nunchuk are basically free.

    Not as good as the Wii deal I picked up at Dick Smith's a few months ago. $388 for Wii + Wii Fit + Moto GP game. I think it was a mistake but they honoured it. Basically you got Wii Fit and the game for free!

    It wasn't a mistake and it was a damn good deal but the odds of them ever doing it again are slim to none. I'm pretty certain they were either getting a ridiculous rebate from Nintendo for that stunt or they were just trying to clear stock.

    WOW have a good deal at the moment Dave

    For anyone looking for a bundle for older gamers, head into The Good Guys in Nunawading (VIC) at the moment.

    Wii Console + House of the Dead + Mad World + Dead Rising + Gun for only $398

    Only a few left but.

    HN have a deal with wii + wii fit + wii sports resort + grand slam tennis (motion plus bundle) for 498

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