LunchTimeWaster: This Monk Ain’t Bulletproof

LunchTimeWaster: This Monk Ain’t Bulletproof

a mazing monkTerrific concept for a puzzle game, this is. Part-maze, part-Rubik’s cube, part sneak ’em up, and all tied together with some wonderful presentation.

A Mazing Monk, as it’s called, has you guiding the titular monk through a maze to collect orbs. The maze is actually distributed around a cube; each segment of the cube can be rotated like a Rubik’s cube, thus altering the layout of the maze.

Also in the maze is a group of soldiers. If you manage to clear a direct path between your monk and the soldiers, they’ll hunt you down and, well… shoot you to bits. Game over.

So yeah, orbs good, soldiers bad. I’m sure there’s some spiritual message in that for all of us.

A Mazing Monk [official site]


  • Nice game… but way too short. It just felt like a tutorial, rather than a game. And the first two levels were way too easy. Which wouldn’t be that bad… if it wasn’t a 3 level game.

    No matter, though, because it still was a nice little 5 minute waster, and with some cute graphics and message.

  • Yes we are aware that it is a very short game, but there are 3 more levels if your press the Hard Mode button in the bottom left corner of the website.
    The game was made in one month from concept to final game and we really wanted to make the game bigger but we didnt have time for it. So rather than making a lot of levels and graphics that were semi finished we focused on polishing and tweaking the 6 levels we had. 🙂

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