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I’ll be promoting this post each morning until Sunday to let the conversation continue all week. Makes more sense than starting a new comments thread every day.

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    Just wondering who out that is hyped for borderlands?
    Seems to me its not getting the attention it deserves.

      i gotta say i actually can't wait for this title to hit the shelfs.
      Everything about this game screams awesome to me, from the art direction right down to the actual box art.

      I'm pretty hyped. I'm either upgrading my PC or buying a PS3/Xbox just for it. Things are pointing to the PC so far.


      Yeah, Borderlands looks pretty cool. I'll give it a run.

      Anyone check out the WET demo on the weekend? It was...okay. The chick, Rubi, you play is rather svelte.

        I went to try it.. Until I hit the "Hi, pay for gold" barrier. Hopefully it'll be available for Silver peeps before too long.

      i cant wait for borderlands
      me and my my mate are taking time off workto play it hehe.
      my psn id is teeedubb, add me so we can play!

    Happy #monday everyone! It sucks being back at work after a week & a bit off, but hey need to earn money somehow...

    Saw Inglorious Basterds on the weekend. Tarantino's best work since reservoir dogs in my opinion. Colonel Hans Lander should win an oscar for best actor / supporting actor - best character in the movie by far!

      I saw it on Saturday, and to be honest I didn't like it that much. Granted, of Tarantino's works I've only seen Kill Bill, and I didn't like that one (or two) too much. Some good funny bits in Basterds, but overall I didn't like the pacing. I would suspect that if you like Tarantino you'd like this. I wouldn't say it was a waste of my time, just I didn't enjoy it that much.


        Yeah thats fair enough, i wasn't a huge fan of the kill bill movies either. His earlier work is better if you are interested in checking it out.

        I can understand the pacing of Basterds could put people off but i thought the dialogue was great and the tension was constructed superbly, i was on edge during most of the scenes!

        The old saying 'different strokes for different folks' applies here me thinks

        Any one who hasn't seen Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs should stop whatever they are currently doing and do so immediately.

        Also, From Dusk Till Dawn is a very nerd friendly movie (although only 50% directed by 'tino).

        Sing, I need to know, why do you always say "Ding!" at the end of all your posts.
        Preset sig? (didn't think we could do that on this)
        In joke?

        Ding!'s my handle if you will (the only game that I really play online though is TF2). I would just have Ding! as my name here on Kotaku, but I like being able to keep track of all of my posts (and similarly checking out everyone else's posts at once).

        Also, consider it another level of transparency should you feel the need to track me down and beat the crap out of me for saying something you don't like.


        Ding! Ding! Ding!

        Ahhhh the penny has dropped...




        pun (shamefully) intended.
        Cheers man!

    Hey d00dz, I'm about to head to Melbourne for a weeks holiday and am in need of some advice on the Melbourne nightlife.

    Mainly what kind of Indie/Alternative clubs exist and if you could recommend any live music spots.

    Oh and also any super sweet arcades if any still exist...

    Cheers in advance.

      Arcades you're pretty much messed for.

      My main club of choice is Bang - Alternative/emo/crap downstairs, and blaring metal upstairs.
      It's on the Lonsdale (or was in burke?? -shrugs-) street in the city near the corner of king street.
      It's not as 'exclusive' as other places and peopel are genrally easier to get along/blend in with. Everyone is always pretty damn jubilent.
      Oh and it has plenty of bars and toilets, always a plus haha

      thursday nights is "next" towards the end of king st, fashion keyboard is friday cnr of russel & lonsdale, saturday its bang near the corner of king & bourke, the pony on little collins is open till 7-8 am on weekends and the live music rocks, but the espy in stkilda is something you have to experience some time in your life, the russel st arcade have some well used old machines as well as some pretty cheap heroin, if your into that

        'the russel st arcade have some well used old machines as well as some pretty cheap heroin, if your into that'

        HAHA - it's sad because it's true. I refuse to go there out of fear of getting stabbed by kids who look like they're mini yakuza lol

        Melbourne - so much flavour!

    So who won that last copy of Sacred 2 on the 360? Should I take no notification as a sign of my loss? :( :( :(

      Check back at 3pm.

        I'm beginning to think that you love to keep us in suspense sometime. =P

    A thought.....

    David, considered making a real Kotaku AU community forum with PHPBB or something similar? Pretty easy to implement and maintain. This post seems to be pretty popular every week.

      Personally i would LOVE some form of forum system.. i don't see why i isn't doable?

      Another vote for this! It'd be great to get a kotaku aus forum up and running.

      That said, this method gets return visits and page views, so (understandably) I wouldn't expect it to happen soon. I'd love to be proved wrong.

      I can recommend the PalGN forums if you are looking for a big community of Aussie gamers...

    I got a question for anyone who knows how to answer it: How exactly does video game 'publishing' work?

    Do they simply print up the packaging and stamp the discs and distribute the thing?

    More interestingly... I'm wondering how the profits are broken down between all parties involved in getting a game to the shelves.

    I usually think Goodgame is a little hit and miss... But last night.. what a fantastic episode!!

    Big well done to the guys from a big ol' cynic. Definately kept me entertained. What i wouldn't give for their job..

    Anybody else looking forward to the new 'A Life Well Wasted?' The twitterverse says a new episode arrives soon.

      I've been out of the loop Michael, thanks for letting me know. God that's a great podcast.

        Agreed, he's just put it up now. Hopefully it won't be another four months till the next one!

    Dissidia this week and finally getting to play the damn thing in English!

    Who else is excited about it & planning to pick it up?

    So who's up for Scribblenauts? 2 weeks left by my count?

      Me me me! It's the first DS game I've actually wanted to play in a long time..

    Premier League Transfer Deadline Day

    So, who's getting a PS3 slim today?

      I got mine yesterday.

      ProTip: Big-W begins next day trading at 3pm. Sometimes, you can cut through the standard line of "we don't sell until tomorrow" with stuff like this. I got a few curious look from some shoppers carting this box through the shopping centre.

      Maybe I've said too much..

      For those doubting the credibility...if the Kotaku moderator would kindly check their tips email they'll find a message sent roughly around 5:30-6pm Wed with a small message saluting those with a passion for all things gaming related. You will also find a photo with said proof.

      Yeah OK I didn't get Batman, nor did I get a HDMI cable, but damn I paid $488 AND got it a day before everyone else!

        LOL, I would rather wait a day and get batman. Trade it in for 80 bucks if i didnt want it. Just got a slim for 419 and a day later... What a wait...

    For those interested, the WoW faction change service has gone live:

    With the nitty gritty (how mounts/items are swapped etc) here:

    Oh.. It's also $USD30.


    Chelsea have been banned from signing any players in the next 2 transfer windows.

    i grabbed batman last night. i love it, completed the tutorial area and then had so much fun going back to complete as many Riddler challenges as i could.

    the game seems to drop so many batman references in there, when you die against bane your presented with a re-enactment of this:

    banes finest moment

    Can someone help me with some definitive answers?

    I am out of space on my 20GB 360 HDD and am considering upgrading my "Pro" to the 120GB HDD. However after some research on the internet, I am now having reservations!

    The MS transfer kit says it transfers everything and sounds so simple, however I read differently on the internet. So I pose these questions:

    (If I upgrade my HDD and use the transfer kit)
    1) I've read it only transfers your gamesaves and you have to redownload your DLC and Arcade games...
    2) I've read your DLC and Arcade games will only work if you are online (I want to be able to continue to play in offline mode)
    3) I have DLC that is no longer on Marketplace - Is it lost forever?
    4) I've read that the transfer kit is unreliable - it may work, but then again it may not.... and you only get one chance (becasuse either way it will delete my 20GB HDD)

    Is all of this correct?

      I have had issues with this but none of what you mention. My problem is that microsoft don't supply the kit if you go from 20gig model to a pro 60 gig. They only supply it if you upgrade to an elite. This was very frustrating as they wouldn't even sell me a kit. Transfering with a memory card was not much fun and anything that was larger than 512 had to redownloaded.

      Put it this way...

      I had the same issue. I picked up a 120GB HDD and completed the transfer from my 20GB without any problem. It took around 50 mins. Everything single thing from my 20GB was transferred over.

      Party town.

      I upgraded from 20GB to 60GB, called up Microsoft, and they sent me out the cable free of charge. All of my game saves, DLC and arcade games were fine.

    I upgraded to 120 GB from 20, mainly because my discs were getting scratched, and i couldn't bear to delete all the sh-tuff that i had acquired. It was costly, but it works fine now, and installing games is great.

    Seriously install all your games.


    A while I commented that the US Comments button wouldn't show all the US comments that had been made. It's great that they now appear but they also seem to be turned on by default. Can us Kotaku AU'ers get the AU comments by default again?

      US comments show by default until an AU comment is made, at which point the default switches to AU. I'll talk to our tech guy about making AU always the default.

    Cheers for the heads up David, for everyone else though it's up to the AU kotaku'ers to get commenting.

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