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    Why should I keep working hard?

    For the last 6 months I've worked bloody hard, came up with all sorts of creative ideas (that were implemented) and generally made our section look good. My contract expires at the end of the month and won't be renewed. We've had budget cutbacks and no casuals are being kept on and I accept that.

    But what irkes me is my boss didn't fight for me. He tells me everyday he's going to miss having my skills and energy around but he still never fought to keep me. He hates confrontation I know, but is he going to wuss out to the point where he's going to give up one of the few people that do any work around here? Someone that's established a new route for the workplace to follow?

    I was fine with all this till today when he dumped a new project on me. He's basically going to use me for as long as he has me.... so I'm valuable to him but not valuable enough for him to put the slightest bit of effort into trying to save my job.

    So really, why should I keep working hard?

      That sucks man.. Have you voiced your concerns with him? Or does lack of confrontation extend to avoiding *that* discussion with you & hiding behind company policy?

        Mate, this is how the world works. I have been a manager at a company for 3 years and been working there for 5 years. I have improved efficiencies all across my team and got the most out of them when no one else could. Last year we went into receivership and I stuck by them on the promise that I was valued and would be looked after when/if we were bought out.

        At the start of this year we were bought out. They made every single one of the people that report to me redundant. When I confronted them about this and how I was meant to be a manager when I had no one to manage, they assured me that I would still be a manager and all would become clear very soon once they had developed strategies.

        I soon worked out that it was my knowledge they were keeping and not me as they wish for me to go interstate and train some guys with everything I know. After I have trained them they said "You will need to look for something else within the company, otherwise we will need to make you redundant." They did however promise to find me something. That something was an insult.

        I'm an $80K a year manager who has worked hard to be in the position I am in and they offered me a rep role paying $45K just to get started. I told them in no uncertain terms where they can stick the insult. So now I am doing nothing here at work (and getting paid for it) until they ship me off interstate to train people.

        Wow, and here I am getting angsty over a $46k job :/

        Message recieved I guess. I think I'll make it my policy to keep moving from job to job every 6months/year. It'll diversify my resume if nothing else.

      When push comes to shove employers don't care about you. Everyone is dispensable. You will get bent over like you are in Cell Block D until you leave.

      I take the approach of milking my employer for all they are worth and never putting myself out for them, its been working well so far :D

        Good plan!

        I'm about to get made redundant from my 2nd job in a row, can't help but feel a little unlucky & more than a bit cheated. Can't win!

      It seems like your Boss tried to implement a sound exit strategy, ensuring that the work environment remains productive and positive for you, so he can meet his targets . It also seems like he fucked it up.

      I'd still keep on top of your work because that six months is going to need a reference, and on that note, while your Boss is in a timid mood, perhaps hit him up for some awesome references. Put the majority of your energy into job-hunting and finding the perfect job, saving any innovations for the next one. Also, photoshop images of his head onto animals.

      Good luck mate, hope it all works out.

      Yeah thanks all, I've calmed down a bit now. Nothing like work to get your mind of your work finishing -_-

      I asked him for a reference a week ago and he agreed so thats cool. I'm trying to find time to apply for this awesome job thats like $15k p.a. higher than anything I've ever had before so I need some solid references for it I think (if I ever progress that far).

      And no Aaron I can't talk about this with him. This is a guy that will wait 6 months to fire someone thats literally doing no work. He's not someone I can expect to go up to the directors office and plead for my salary to be in his budget.

      Its fine, time to move on anyway. This workplace was far too relaxed, it was starting to dull my skills and make me lazy. I need to move on for my own sake.

        Good stuff, and again good luck, seems like you have a solid plan. Also, make sure you steal as many post-its as possible from the stationary cupboard. You can NEVER have too many. My advice is to spread the theft out over a few weeks /shiftyeyes

      you do your work, to ensure your future jobs.

      you can either leave on good terms with a boss who will tell any future employer you like, that you were a hard working talented employee who would, in fact, still be with the company if not for a total casual retrenchment.

      or you can choose to spend your last month slacking off and acting out of spite. And what do you do when your future employer asks to speak with your ex-boss? you will either be passed over for the job for not giving a number or passed over for the job when the find out how you handled your last month with the company.

    Morning all & welcome to Monday!

      Good Monday afternoon to you Aaron C.

    With OnLive accepting beta applications in the US, does anyone think we'll see it over here anytime soon?

      I think it'd be a fair bet that we won't be seeing OnLive for a fair while. It's not like we have an internet infrastructure suitable for supporting at this point anyway, so even if it did find it's way out here, I can't imagine it'd do very well.

    Am I the only one that, when going to click on the "Next Page" button I mouse over that annoying Share menu, which blocks my click and takes me somewhere else?

    It's bad web design I tell you!!

      I can't say that that's happened to me. But just to hijack this thread, has anyone clicked on "Next Page" and been taken to a much older page? It still says Page-2 in the address bar, but it shows posts from several days ago instead.


        Must just be you dude - I'm getting the proper page 2. Clear cache etc & try again?

        Yes, clearing cache seems to fix it.


      Happens to me too on 2 different computers. Instead of clicking 'next' I'm either clicking 'email' or 'print' by mistake.

      Oh God I do that all the time. Pisses me off a bit.

    just a lil idea here...

    Mr. Wildgoose, what are the chances of having a weekly abandonware article?

    Alot of people here know and enjoy their retro games and the lunch time waster articles.. so why not an abandonware article featuring one great old game which is now available for free?? accompanied by a lil write up of course.

    if anyone else would liek this reply with a second and show your support/feedback! :)

      As someone who religiously picks up Retro Gamer every month, I'd love to see something to this effect as well.

    Looks like Sony has started ramping up the war on PSP piracy - Both Dissidia & Soul Calibur steadfastly refuse to run on a PSP running Custom firmware (aka modded), something I was shocked to find out when I tried firing up my newly bought Dissida last Friday and couldn't get the bugger to start (got to spend a fair bit of time ogling the groovy art book though while I updated my PSP back to Official firmware).

    Good to see, especially if it means we'll start to see people taking the PSP seriously again & giving us more AAA titles (as opposed to the crap we've been getting of late).

      Also, ugh. I really need to proof-read my proof-read. Apologies on the horrible sentence structure on the above post :/

        The evil thing to do would be to download a copy of that and run it on your modded PSP. It's not as illegal since you're playing a "backup" of a game you legitimately own. Well, it's probably just as illegal actually.


      From what I hear, the US version (which requires version 5.50 of the firmware) works fine with modded firmware, whereas our version (5.55) doesn't. Bit strange that the US version has none of that piracy protection our version has.

    Anyone know when Sony plan to release PlayTV over here? I'd totally forgotten about it and so just I googled it and they were talking about a 2008 release in OZ but unless I'm crazy we're in 2009 now aren't we?

    So while I was looking up GH5's release date, I also looked up NFS:Shift. Apparently it's out next week (at least in EU)? Does anyone care? Anyone? Yeah, me neither. I mean, it's a month before Forza 3, yet I'd prefer to wait the extra month than fill in the time with NFS. Kind of amusing timing, I wonder how rushed it'll feel since they're squeezing it out bofore Forza 3 and eventually GT5 land.

    I'm going to Los Angeles next week for work, and wondered is there anything I should buy, given I'll have a light suitcase. A PS3 Slim, perhaps (works out to be about AU$350)? Or any region-free games for my 360, PS3, DS, PSP? Awesome electronics? Food?

    @Mr Waffle

    Uh, I do. I reckon SHIFT looks stunning and should be an absolute cracker when it comes out. I don't think EA are rushing it, as it's been in production for more than the usual year they afford to their titles and a dedicated team has been working on it.

      I just back for the US and I grabbed heaps of PS3 games because they're region free and far cheaper than here. Rockband2 is a good option if you have any plastic instruments because its cheaper for new tracks than DLC.

      Also I bought 4 used copies of NBA 08 for something like US$5 each and I've given them to my friends so I have people to play with!

      With the $AUD$USD being what it is currently? Anything/everything that interests you & works out to be cheaper than it is in Australia.

        Don't forget that the "country of the free" has been ripping up off since the time of Australia v US currency was at record lows of USD$0.47/AUD
        Now with the greater change of being a strong"er" currency than the Greenback, we've always had the rough end of the stick... though, I do beleive that Nintendo has been kind of fair to us to be honest...
        Protest by importing all titles due to the slumping Greenback? I know I've been doing it (whenever and where ever possible)

    Ok, I'm not too smart, I'm ok with that, so at the risk of looking a goose (no offence Dave) I have a query. I'm wanting to check out what the dynamic themes look like on ps3 3.0 but I cant find them on the psn store!??!! Do we not have any dynamic themes available yet in Oz? Am I looking in the wrong places? Will this rash go away?

    (Also, how hard is it to make a Japanese psn account, as I've heard I can get zebra's from there?)


    Hey does anyone know anything about this? Some dude hacked into Kevin Rudd's website under the name of 'anonymous' in a response to the proposed internet filtering.

      My first reaction was 4chan, though I'm not even going to try and verify that. I don't keep up with many forums besides this one, and the only big Australian ones I know are Whirlpool and OCAU. Someone among those two might know more about this, though most likely no one will particularly admit to it, it being probably being illegal and all. Interesting nonetheless.


      SMH has a chatlog of the guys/girls who did it for those that are interested/bored (though not really that interesting):

      I caught a couple of 4chan /b/ references, but no one's explicitly said where they come from. Except for one guy, he said he came from the country of Siberia.


    Sacred 2 Arrived. Thanks Kotaku!

    FF: Dissidia arrived! But one question, did you guys only sent the game? Cause that's all I've received. No poster?

      My bad, I forgot that Ubisoft was sending out the prizes. Plus I just got the poster today. It's awesome!

    Anyone else annoyed by stupid movie release schedules? I've really been looking forward to seeing the movie 9 ever since the trailers first came out. The release date shown on them says 9-9-09, so I've been planning on seeing it the moment it opens. Only to find no mention of it in any Australian media or cinema news anywhere. IMDB didn't list a release date so I went searching. I finally found a notice tucked away in a small corner on Sony Pictures Australia's site saying it'll be released Jan 21, 2010.

    That's freakin' ridiculous!

      Disney has been doing that with Pixar movies in Australia for a while now. Generally their big release comes out in the States for the Summer holiday period, then we have to wait until the September school holidays for the movie to come out - By this time the movie is almost out on DVD in the States.

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