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    Hi all!

    So does someone care to explain how the Broncos land a home final this weekend over St. George who finished Minor premiers?

    Also - Scribblenauts this week, aye?

      Blame the McIntyre Final Eight System... but basically... Brisbane Won, St George Lost

      St George had the benefit of the home final and failed, Brisbane played away and won so they are now being rewarded...

      Hence why the other game is in Sydney (Parramatta Won, Gold Coast Lost), otherwise both games might have been at Suncorp...

    I hate Manly, so seeing them out of the finals made my weekend! :)

    Rather the cricket. This time, Australia has won something back... unlike the sliding trend of losing games because someone makes bad decisions.

    Pity the dogs didn't lose, would of really made my day

    Up the Mighty Dogs. With Kimmorley coming back into the side just at the right time, things are looking good.

      would of remained a doggies fan if they hadn't of lost Anasta, even though that was ages back

    just a question to all those who live in Sydney. I'm coming over for a visit, but have not been before. Are there any places you can recommend adventuring, other then the obligatory opera house and bridge?

    stuff with a gaming theme would be appreciated but not required. I'll be there for a week at the start of October to get a feel for the big city :P

    thanks for your suggestions


      Brisbanite here, but here's some suggestions for places I've been a few times that are always fun..
      -The Sydney Powerhouse Museum:
      -The Australian Museum:
      -Taronga Park Zoo:
      -Grab the ferry over to Manly. The harbour's quite scenic, especially if you've never been to Sydney before.
      -Fort Denison. It's a fort in the middle of the Harbour.. That's cool, isn't it? :
      -The Harbour Bridge climb. Sure it's touristy, but the view is amazing. Although might not be that appealing if you get vertigo (or have a fear of being a long way above very deep water):

      I'm sure some of the Sydney locals can throw out some more things that might be a bit more to your liking/less touristy).

        I like the idea of the zoo and Manly, and a fort you say? sounds interesting! I'll also suggest the museum to the lady, I'm sure it will put ours to shame. I'll look into the bridge climb as well, sounds like fun. thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming!

      Here's one that you'll really love if you really are a gamer
      NSW Qualifiers on Oct 3-4 and good timing I might add if you do make it. Google the location if you are interested. If there's anything else gaming related pops up, I'll let ya know

        If only bad company was one of the games! i have to admit i have not played Counterstrike in a long time, doubt i could get skilled enough in 2 weeks to compete on the international level. still thanks for the suggestion, let me know if anything else comes up.

    Here we go with the footy bollocks for the rest of the week.

    OP gave us a great chance, and what did we do? we went and blew it the very first comment.

      My bad re: the NRL stuff.. I did pick up 5x tickets for the game thsi weekend at Lang Park, er Suncorp Stadium.. Go the Dragons!

      Noone commented about Scribblenauts though, although turns out that it's the end of the month when it comes out here :(

        Believe it or not I had a chance to play it this morning on my train trip up to uni. My mate somehow had a copy already, it's really good fun.

        I was totally lost for ideas at first, but once you get in the mindset you really begin to see it's fantastic potential. No doubt it will be a great game for all ages (40+ not-included.)

        PS. I'd love to finish this comment by saying something like "GO THE DRAGONS" but I don't really know where that would leave us. So instead I'll explain something, if footy were a game of scribblenauts - I'd back the dragons ;)

        I feel like i wsa shafted by the publisher, i orded it before the 2 week delay arose, and ive been waiting a wmonth already :(

        But you can get it in aus, you just cant buy it... :P

    happy days! parra eels witht the razzle dazzle over the dragons! farewell to the dargons, no way there going to beat the broncos at their home ground!

    AND...OMG, OMG, DiRT 2, OMG, DiRT 2, OMG.. 3 Days! O.M.G

    Dude, the "Player's Lounge" on Parramatta Rd, 20 Xboxs all linked up, leather seats, personal LCDs great fun!! check it out on google

    Plus you cant go wrong with Star city in pyrmont gain/lose a few dollars.. always good...
    Hope that helps

      For the record, I beleive the Broncos haven't beaten St. George at Lang Park for at least the last 4 seasons.

        A Brisbanite supporting the dragons?? thats new, then again I from NSW sydney following the Maroons... But Haydz has a good point... lets drop the footy talk..... Anyone into Halo and getting the $150 pack with a controller? or am I the only Halo geek?

    I saw footage of NFS shift, along with review scores, and for a game that wasn't really on my radar, I'm hooked. (plus I saw my car in there, which is an added bonus ;) ).

    Any suggestions on how to get this game dirt cheap? Wasn't exactly planning on purchasing it, so suggestions aside from prostitution and things bordering legal would be appreciated :)

    What do you guys think of this? Video games are the reason for the GFC!

      Were video games the cause of the Global Fried Chicken? No. Were risk taking and reckless behaviour the cause of the finger lickin' good GFC? Probably. Is the former the cause of the latter? Maybe...

      Being a science-like dude I'm all up for the scientific process of asking a question and then going off to figure things out, but I've always had a problem with people trying to do it to video games, 'cause I just don't think they understand it enough to be asking the right questions. Their basic question at the moment is "are people who play video games different to those who do not". The problem I have with that is that not everyone who plays video games is the same.

      Case in point, this is the conversation I heard between high school kids (God bless their little souls) on the train this morning:
      "Halo 3 is awesome bro!"
      "Nah it's so boring. It's all just *bang bang bang* *whack* "
      "Yeah but you go online and it's like *bang* *whack* Respawn, then *whack*"
      "COD's better bro, 'cause it's like... *BOOM*"

      It's been covered before, but video games are no longer the realm of nerds and geeks. Even the jockiest of jocks now dabble in video games, though it's a bit harder to see here since there isn't much of a nerd-jock culture here in Australia compared to America.

      I remember the first time it came as a shock to me; it was right about when CounterStrike came out. I had always played games before that, and I used to watch my brother play Clan Arena and TF (the original Quake mods) back in their hey-day, and I'd play when I could. All of a sudden all of my friends jumped were into shooters and started turning into CS addicts, concerned only with their next headshot ownage (before pwn became the norm that is) and punching monitors along the way. All of a sudden, guys who had never stopped to play through traditional games like Super Mario Bros became the new gamer.

      It's still there now. I feel weird trying to explain my choice in gaming, 'cause the stereotype at the moment among male asian gamers is that they're hugely into DotA and CS, both very competetive games. I play DotA very casually with friends, and I wouldn't touch CS (or any other competetive shooter besides TF2) with a ten foot pole.

      So the breakdown here is that gamers aren't a homogenous bunch like they were ten years ago. Today you've got the traditional gamers who used to play a bit of everything and still do, the casual gamers that are embracing the Wii and such, and the competetive testosterone-filled gamers that all have "Underground" as their Xbox-Live zone, and are in the same breed as those who probably 'caused the GFC. And even that's still generalising it quite a lot.

      TL;DR - Games aren't responsible for the GFC, though there certainly are gamers who have the same mindset as those responsible for it. More generally, you can't start asking "are gamers different to non-gamers" until you start realising that not all gamers are the same now.


        Wow, that's really a little all over the place. I don't plan my arguments very well I think. Just read the summary I guess.


    What a crock. So it's technology's fault the people who caused this don't care about other people so abused the system? Ever heard of, I don't know, Feudal society, or any other system of government which depended on the abused and rape of the lower class for the sake of a few rich jerks? At least nowadays there's SOME accountability...

      That's right, everyone knows that World of Warcraft is responsible for all the world's woes currently!

    Woohoo! Just picked up Clerks 2 (Blu-Ray) & Mallrats (HD-DVD) for fairly cheap from eBay. Now all Kevin Smith needs to do is release Dogma on Blu-Ray and I'll be set.

    Hey Dave(can we call you that?), will we be getting the MAG beta available in Aus or is that just going to happen in Europe and America?

    I want to know if Telstra are doing this to other people, because it would be worth a media investigation:

    In my share household, telstra had been slipping in what we called "discrepancy days" - a day or two a month where our internet data usage would go through the roof. Sometimes this would result in us being "shaped" (love that euphamism for "f**ked") near the end of end period.

    Last month, they claimed we used 25 gigs in the first week! We lodged a 'questus" complaint but nothing happened and we had unusable internet for three weeks - I mean, UNUSABLE - many sites simply won't load at all most of the time.

    The pattern of the data usage was simply impossible too. There were three days where the date usage was almost exactly three gigs, three where it was almost exactly 1.5 gigs, and then 8 on the last day. To have such a consistent pattern of date usage from randomised internet use is just statistically impossible.

    ON the phone, the telstra reps we talked to claimed, among other things, that World of Warcraft uses "One to Four gigabytes per hour". They suggested we needed to upgrade to a higher plan, higher than their ridiculously expensive 25 gig one we are already on. Luckily, the reps are in India and I can't afford to fly over their and get in their lying faces.

    If telstra are dishonestly representing their data readings to one household then using that as an upselling device, then I'd be surprised if it isn't more widespread, trying to rip people off because they don't believe people can measure their own usage.

    We have just started a new period and have all put data-metering software on our computers. I can't use my Xbox unfortunately but we might not have to take a long sample, as just on this first day our browsing has been inflated by telstra by several gigabytes over what our own data meters are reporting.

    You can imagine that I read about the forced split of telstra with no small amount of glee. I hope those bastards get raked.

    If there's anyone else out there with doubts about their telstra metering I suggest you get your own software and take samples, then take screenshots of your meter with time/date visible at the end of your usage for the day.

      lol I manage (not for much longer) the technical assistance team for a Telco. I can absolutely assure you WoW does not use one to four gigabytes an hour. You'd be lucky to use 500 mb for a full working day (8 hours).

      I'm no real computer techie but there are a few things you might want to consider checking, such as:
      Wi-Fi Ports: If you have one working, change your passkey or turn it off if you don't use it. A friend of mine didn't turn it off and everyone outside thought that it was free and slugged her real bad with a giant bill!
      Background Programs: Check for any programs you may or may not be aware of as a few programs tend to be very annoying use bandwidth without you knowing
      Scan Computer: Scan for Trojans as a precaution. Hardware Firewall may help deter the problem.

      The more insaner ones (Probable, do-able but can be unlikly)
      Tapped lines: check your net usage then turn off your modem for an entire day and after that day, remotely check your usage. You might need to phyiscally check your lines to see if it had been tapped.
      IP jacking: Same as above but ask to have your IP changed.
      Tracked lines: Only if someone knows the direct access to your internet line and making you the host of their internet. Ask for a number change.

      Programs using 1-4 gigsbits/hour... I haven't a slight clue unless you have opened download ports which people are using... Because there isn't anything in my knowledge which does that sort of thing. One thing which keeps cropping up in my mind is the dl/ul counting problem.
      May you be hosting an internet server or website? That could also be a cause to the problem. Though, it should be very unlikely...

      I hope that it helps you and not make you hyper paranoid

      Found it:
      I remember having read a similar complaint, only this one was in the SMH. How you go about dealing with it, I'm not sure. Good luck with it though.


      Internode, If you can. Or, hell, anyone but Telstra.

      I'm with T$ right now and moving very, very soon.

      The WORST customer service I've ever experienced. Some of the advice I get is just laughable.

      (I await for a comment from some bozo saying how their service is generally good and how happy they are..*cough* T$ rep..)

    Thing is, Telstra owns the cable lines, and so gives its customers the fastest dl speed.

      Really? Because I'm with Telstra, and my dl speed is crap. Pretty hard to believe that I'm getting the fastest dl speed when it just struggles most of the time.

    Thanks for everyone who supplied advice, I'll pass that on to the housemates.

    We actually did turn the modem off for a full day. Oddly enough, the following day Telstra recorded our usage as signficantly LESS than what our data meter program is telling us.

    As for neighbours stealing bandwidtch - we have a password on the thing and the only neighbours close enough (we are on an acreage) are some old Jehovah's Witnesses that we think are unlikely to be advanced password hackers.

    However, those other possible causes that were mentioned will be of interest to the others (it's not my account so I'm not directly dealing with it, just directly affected!) We've been taking screenshots of our date meters to send to the ombudsman tomorrow.

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